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sfSslRequirement plugin (for symfony 1.0)

The sfSslRequirement is a symfony plugin that provides SSL encryption support for your module actions.

It gives you 2 new security settings: require_ssl and allow_ssl.

The plugin also adds 2 new sfAction methods: ->sslRequired() and ->sslAllowed().


Only execute once per request and SF_ENVIRONMENT in one of the environments configured in app_disable_sslfilter

  • if not posting
    • if secured
      • then check if its allowed else redirect from https to http
      • else if secured required redirect from http to https


  • Install the plugin
    symfony plugin-install
  • Activate the filter in your filters.yml
      class: sfSslRequirementFilter
  • Clear your cache
    symfony cc

Secure your application

To force SSL on an action:

  • Add the following snippet to the module security.yml:
      require_ssl: true
  • You're done. Now, if you try to access the sslAction with HTTP, you will be automatically redirected to HTTPS.
  • The sslAction listed here is an example. Substitute with your actual action name.