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sfPropelGraphviz - A simple pake task to build graphviz .dot files from your project schema


Benjamin Runnels

Code and idea provided by roga in this thread:


This creates a folder "graph" in your projects folder containing a "" file which can be converted to e.g. a PNG file using the graphviz package from


To install the plugin use "symfony plugin-install" command

Using the plugin

> symfony propel-graphviz
propel > graphviz:
     [echo] +------------------------------------------+
     [echo] |                                          |
     [echo] | Generating Graphiz for YOUR Propel       |
     [echo] | project!                                 |
     [echo] |                                          |
     [echo] +------------------------------------------+

Now check the "graph" folder under your project root for

If you have graphviz installed the following command will get you an image when run from your project root:

dot -Tpng graph/ -o graph/schema.png

Output Example