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Added note to indicate that page had been superceded by sfPackageMakerPlugin

NOTE: This page has been superceded by sfPackageMakerPlugin

Say you want to package a plugin named "SfMyFancyPlugin?".

  1. Move the package.xml file that is possibly in your plugin directory
  2. Put the skeleton file in the plugins directory of your project and rename it "package-SfMyFancyPlugin.xml".
  3. Edit the fields that are not marked as automatic.
  4. From the project root issue "symfony plugin-build-package SfMyFancyPlugin?". This command overwrites any package.xml that would happen to be in the sfMyFancyPlugin folder.

About the attachments

Trac f*cked up with the attachment. The two attachments should be exactly identical. I can't remove the spurious attachment. :-(

[Edit by subzero2000 (2007-01-27): chtito, you can click on the link to the attachment at the bottom of the page. It will say that there is not an HTML preview available, would you like to download the file. If you are logged into trac, on this screen should be a button to "Delete Attachment". I went ahead and did that after diffing both downloads to ensure that they were identical, which is why the spurious attachment is no longer listed on the page.]

Plugin name argument :-)

Fabien: Please read the doc. All plugins MUST have a Plugin suffix, so your page must be named something like sfPackageMakerPlugin and your package sfPackageMakerPlugin-0.2.1.

I can't modify the name of that wiki page, or i don't know how to do it. So for now that plugin has to be downloaded and installed by hand. It will work that way (i tested it).

Besides there are a lot of plugin which name do not have a plugin suffix: sfThumbnail, sfFeed, so why not mine? ;-)