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Active Tickets

Please report all bugs or suggestions to the trac ticket system.

sfLuceneHighlighter should hook into Zend_Search_Lucene queries for complete keyword matching
sfLucene : highlight errors with utf8 accentuated chars when escaping is on
change zend external
Unnecessary </label> tag in advancedSearchControls.php
highlight error: sfLuceneHighlighter "Undefined offset" - for repeted search keys
sfLucenePlugin11 documentation page is missed!
The exception message throw an exception
[PATCH] Field name is not camelized
Why incorporate Solar in 1.2-Doctrine Branch?
sfLucenePropelIndexer doesn't restore $old_culture when null
[PATCH] Unnecessary loaded ProjectConfiguration in sfLuceneBaseTask
Catchable fatal error when using find() in sfLucene with an input string


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