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sfJoomlaBridge is a symfony plugin that provides a bridge between a Joomla and a Symfony application. It allows to display symfony pages into Joomla.

It adds a new helper : JoomlaHelper? with 1 function :

  • link_to_joomla, to make a link to another symfony page (action/module) but

in the Joomla application context.


  • Install the plugin

    symfony plugin-install

or download it and unzip in your /plugins directory

  • Copy the files in /web/sfJoomlaBridge directly to your application /web directory

  • Clear you cache

    symfony cc


  • 1 - To make a link to another symfony page, in this case to the module index and the users action.
<?php echo link_to_joomla('Users list', 'index/users'); ?>
  • This plugin is experimental and beta, it should not be used in a production environment until a stable and more consistant version.