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sfDoctrine Plugin Status

This page describes the status of the sfDoctrinePlugin. More information can be found on the sfDoctrinePlugin page.

Using sfDoctrinePlugin 1.0 is strongly recommended.

sfDoctrinePlugin 1.0

  • the latest SVN version is working fine and kept in a stable state

sfDoctrinePlugin 0.1

Known Working Versions of sfDoctrinePlugin 0.1

  • sfDoctrine 4421 / Doctrine 1858
    • Table autocreation removed. use Doctrine::export (an example here)
    • "PDO" (from getDBH()) methods can no longer be chained: e.g., $conn->prepare()->execute();
    • if you manually write your model classes (ie, dont use schema.yml), be sure to upgrade to the updated relation model syntax
  • sfDoctrine 4108 / Doctrine 1369


  • always run doctrine-build-model, and symfony cc, after upgrading.
  • It is recommended to upgrade PHP to >= 5.2.2 if running Doctrine > r1369 (the Summer of Code rewrite)
    due to segmentation faults that occur in versions of PHP < 5.2.2
  • symfony doctrine-build-all and symfony doctrine-build-all-load tasks do not work fully yet. (as per jonwage)