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    v0 v1  
     1= sfBreadNav 1.0.4   April 24, 2008 = 
     3A very basic navigation system for Symfony 1.1 templates.   
     4This is a lightweight alternative for when you just want a quick way to add navigation to a site or prototype.   
     6Allows the mangagment of a navigational tree for the purpose of generating a bread crumb and credential controlled menu. 
     8Drop down menu is css based for search engine compatibility and easy customization.  Includes ie hacks for ie5.5 and ie6  
     9== Requirements == 
     11Symfony 1.1 
     19== Installation == 
     21Install plugin 
     23$ php symfony plugin:install 
     25$ php symfony propel:build-all 
     27$ php symfony cc 
     30If your going to use the Menu generator ensure that the web assets were copied to the web directory 
     31These are just the css files for the nav bar. 
     33== Configuration == 
     36-Setting up admin panel. 
     38In your backend add sfBreadNavAdmin module to your settings.yml 
     43  .settings: 
     44    enabled_modules:        [default, sfGuardGroup, sfGuardUser, sfGuardPermission, sfBreadNavAdmin] 
     49Each node requires  a name, module and action. Credential is optional. 
     51To simply hide a menu button for people not logged in set the credential to authenticated. 
     52Credentials do not cascade so you can apply them to nodes individually and orphaned nodes will propogate up. 
     54-Setting up bread crumb 
     56add the following line to your template body.   
     58<?php include_partial('sfBreadNav/breadcrumb') ?> 
     61-Setting up the navigation menu 
     63Add the following to your template body. 
     65<?php include_partial('sfBreadNav/navmenu') ?> 
     67Add the following to your template head. 
     69<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="/css/menuh.css" /> 
     70<?php include_partial('sfBreadNav/iehack') ?> 
     73== To Do == 
     75-high priority 
     76Enable caching of menu and breadcrumb.  Will attempt as soon as the 1.1 cache documentation is updated. 
     79-medium priority  
     80Enable I8ln 
     82-low priority 
     83Multiple menu trees.  To allow seperate menus for frontend and backend etc. 
     84Improve the default css menu theme, improve the admin theme. 
     87== License == 
     91Jarred Freeman