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Symfony Workspace Reference

This is an index to the reference of directories, files, and tasks commonly used in the symfony framework. Files and directories within the actual library itself (i.e. lib/vendor/symfony) are not included. Those that are included are the ones that typically populate the files generated by tasks and those created by developers during the development of a symfony project - those that will be experienced first by new developers, especially those being exposed to an existing project.

The organizational and naming conventions defined by symfony dictate where the files are located and what they might contain. Many files with the same name may be located all across the directory structure of a project, and others may only exist in one place. Most of the directory structures and files can be contained at different depths of the file structure.

For the most part, specific php classes will not be referenced here. Specific classes defined in the framework and plugins will be documented elsewhere. Those class files that populate the developers source tree will be references abstractly (i.e. <entity\>Table.class.php)


Common Files


Overview? of all Symfony tasks.