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This plugin allows you to make prettier accessible forms.

Very simply it provides a helper with a function, accessible_form_tag() which acts just like form_tag() but adds a stylesheet and some javascript. The result is nicely structured forms using semantic markup.


This plugin is only available via svn. If you would like to make this a pear package please contact the maintainer (Dave Dash).

cd plugins/
svn co ddAccessibleFormPlugin

Then create the proper symlink:

cd web/
ln -s ../plugins/ddAccessibleFormPlugin/web ddAccessibleFormPlugin


The cmxform.js forces label tags to use the inline-box display style. It currently depends on the jquery javascript library. A copy of jquery.js is bundled and will be used unless overridden by the SF_JQUERY_WEB_DIR setting.

Alternately you may use the Yahoo User Interface library. For this to work, set SF_JS_LIB to yui and set SF_YUI_WEB_DIR to the proper location. If you are using hosted YUI, you can have a setting like so in your settings.yml:


It's not recommended to mix multiple libraries. If you use dojo, moo tools or prototype, it might be wise to create an alternate cmxform.js for your platform. If you create such a package please let the maintainer (Dave Dash) know and he'll gladly include it in this plugin.


This plugin is currently maintained by Dave Dash @ If you'd like to contribute please contact him with patches.


2008-01-07 Updated README 2008-01-21 Added YUI support, cleaned up jQuery code.


* Impliment in moo tools * Impliment in Prototype * Create PEAR package * Impliment in dojo