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This plugin was started due to a lack of support for the previous Dojo plugins available for symfony. This plugin brings in some helpers to aid in the integration of Dojo capabilities with Symfony. This includes toolbars, trees, context menus, lightboxes, and tons of other great widgets brought to you by the Dojo team. There is a great deal of documentation available on the Dojo website.


This plugin uses the sfWidget class to handle the attributes and options part of these objects since they are based on HTML objects. This means that you must either be using Symfony 1.1 or have the sfWidget class available for use. You must also add a couple of lines to your layouts. These lines are shown below.

<?php use_helper( ..., 'DojoWidget', ...) ?>


<body <?php dojo_style() ?>>


<?php dojo_includes() ?>


The dojo_includes call is best placed at the bottom of the layout so that any Dojo objects used in a view, action, or component item will get properly added to the list of includes. The dojo_style function allows you to control what your bodies style is for Dojo using the DojoManager or the dojo_set_style helper. You will also need to get the Dojo Toolkit and place it in a web accessible javascript directory. You can specify where this is in your application settings with the dojo_js setting or allow the plugin to assume the Dojo Toolkit is at '/js/dojoToolkit' in reference to web root.

The Dojo Widget Helpers >>