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Symfony Dojo Plugin


Dean Glazeski <dnglaze [at] gmail [dot] com>

The Documentation

The documentation is split into separate chapters. Each covers a different aspect of the plugin.

  1. Introduction to the Plugin
    This serves as a quick introduction to the dgDojoPlugin.
  2. The Dojo Widget Helpers
    Dojo offers various widgets for content display and user interaction. This chapter explains the items implemented in this plugin.
  3. PHP Javascript Framework (In development)
    Dojo offers some features that best work when the widgets are done using Javascript. To accomplish this, a PHP to Javascript framework was created to allow for easy creation of Javascript using PHP variables and functions.
  4. The Dojo Widget System (In development)
    The idea of this system is to replace the existing widget infrastructure in this plugin with one that uses the PHP to Javascript framework so that the power and flexibility of Dojo can be realized.
  5. The Dojo Javascript Helpers (In development)
    As Symfony works towards a plugin based Javascript system, this offers a means of using the Dojo system instead of Prototype and Scriptaculous.
  6. The Dojo Effects System
    This library is provided to add a PHP interface to using Dojo's effect libraries, allowing things like effect combinations and chains along with effect control and configuration.
  7. The Dojo Form System (Future Plan)
    Wouldn't it be great to have an extension on Symfony forms to offer Javascript validation and Javascript input widgets? Well, that's the idea for this part of the plugin.

Release Plans

First Alpha: Has been released. See attachments. Comments are welcome to help me tone and make this plugin better.

Second Alpha: Once the Dojo Javascript helpers are complete

  • Helpers will be mirror image to those available from Prototype