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Version 1 (modified by nykacho, 10 years ago)

Symfony plugin for VIM 7


This plugin for Vim7+ brings a useful browsing functionality, according to the Symfony framework structure.


  • Switching between action function/template view

As the presentation is separated from the logic, it's common to navigate between mymoduleActions::executeMyaction() and myactionSuccess.php

When editing actions.class.php

    public function executeMyaction() 
      $this->var = 'some value';
      $this->test = 'test';           <------ cursor anywhere inside the function or on the function declaration

Press <F8> to edit myactionSuccess.php :

    <h1>my action</h1>
    Welcome to my action 

Press <F8> again to edit back the action file, where the cursor position was when lefted


  • map the <F8> (or any other available) key to the switching command by adding this line to your ~/.vimrc :

silent map <F8> :SfSwitchView <CR>


  • Type this command ( and optionnaly add it to your ~/.vimrc if you often edit a single project ) :


  • use the <F8> key to switch views on editing an action or a template