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Version 6 (modified by bigchirv, 8 years ago)
Changed the broken old phpm URL to one that works

1st) Consider using the .vimrc and ftplugin enhancements as per

2nd) Install phpm to use

a) on the command line phpm mysql_q OR b) install file attached to this page into your <install path="fooBar" /> as per your settings.xml (file by phpm)

Note: The attached file contains only methods with a parent class matching sf* as the file otherwise got too big for trac (some 680K). If you want a convenient way to access all methods in symfony, generate that file as following:

#install PHP Documentor and all of its dependencies
pear install --alldeps PHPDocumentor-beta

#install phpm, including the template files in /usr/share/php/data
phpdoc -o XML:phpm:default -ti symfony -t /home/me/tmp/doc/symfony-phpm -d /usr/share/php/symfony 

#that generates PHPDocumentor output that phpm uses, you can copy that file to the dir where all your phpm xml files reside (as set in settings.xml by editing <install path="fooBar" />)