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Version 4 (modified by anonymous, 12 years ago)

1st) Consider using the .vimrc and ftplugin enhancements as per

2nd) Install phpm to use

a) on the command line phpm mysql_q OR b) install file attached to this page into your <install path="fooBar" /> as per your settings.xml (file by phpm)

Note: The attached file contains only methods with a parent class matching sf* as the file otherwise got too big for trac (some 680K). If you want a convenient way to access all methods in symfony, generate that file as following:

#install PHP Documentor and all of its dependencies pear install --alldeps PHPDocumentor-beta

#install phpm, including the template files in /usr/share/php/data phpdoc -o XML:phpm:default -ti symfony -t /home/me/tmp/doc/symfony-phpm -d /usr/share/php/symfony

#that generates PHPDocumentor output that phpm uses, you can copy that file to the dir where all your phpm xml files reside (as set in settings.xml by editing <install path="fooBar" />)