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In symfony 1.1, routing is implemented via a factory. The default routing module is sfPatternRouting, and can be set and configured in the factories.yml file. Specific routing rules are still configured in routing.yml.

The sf_suffix, sf_default_module, and sf_default_action settings are not used anymore. To change the default suffix, module, or action, you now have to edit factories.yml instead of settings.yml, and change the parameters of the routing factory:

    class: sfPatternRouting
      load_configuration: true
      suffix:             .       # Default suffix for generated URLs. If set to a single 
                                  # dot (.), no suffix is added. Possible values: .html, .php, and so on.
      default_module:     default # Default module and action to be called when
      default_action:     index   # a routing rule doesn't set it

To inject default route parameters, you can now use the ->setDefaultParameter() method instead of using the sf_routing_defaults setting:

$this->context->getRouting()->setDefaultParameter($key, $value);