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All config.php files have been removed from the 1.1 skeleton. They are replaced by the ProjectConfiguration class and the application configuration classes. If you've added some cutomizations in config.php files, you will have to migrate them to those new classes.

However, the project:upgrade1.1 task won't delete these files, but will identify them in its output log.

In case you're unsure whether you've changed these files, the 1.0 skeleton application config file (apps/*/config/config.php, derived from $SYMFONY_1.0/data/symfony/skeleton/app/app/config/config.php) file is:


// include project configuration

// symfony bootstraping
sfCore::bootstrap($sf_symfony_lib_dir, $sf_symfony_data_dir);

and the 1.0 skeleton project config file (config/config.php, derived from $SYMFONY_1.0/data/symfony/skeleton/project/config/config.php) is:


// symfony directories
$sf_symfony_lib_dir  = '##SYMFONY_LIB_DIR##';
$sf_symfony_data_dir = '##SYMFONY_DATA_DIR##';