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A week of symfony #27 (03->09 July 2006)

Development highlights

  • r1560: Extending the options for input_date_tag
  • r1563: Added sfDateValidator
  • r1564: Allow defined user id in input_date_tag
  • r1565: Renamed object_admin_input_upload_tag() to object_admin_input_file_tag
  • r1566: Added lib and data directory paths configurable in front controller
  • r1567: Added a new init-batch task to symfony command line
  • r1572: Added new label_for parameter to fields in admin generator
  • r1575: Added a new sf_admin_container and prefixed all css rules in admin generator
  • r1577: Added support for the new schema.yml database description
  • r1589: Added POST support to sfTestBrowser requests

... plus a dozen bug fixes.

Book and documentation

  • r1580 & r1582:1585: Documented new schema.yml syntax and updated related chapters
  • updated My First Project with new schema.yml syntax
  • r1591: Documented i18n parameter in settings.yml


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