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A week of symfony #24 (12->18 june 2006)

Development highlights

  • r1429, r1430, r1431: some enhancement to Output Escaper classes (Mike Squire)
  • r1432: options_for_select() supports <optgroup> tags for easy nesting (slickrick)
<?php echo select_tag('whatever', options_for_select(array(1 => 'bob', 2 => 'sue', 'group A' => array(4 => 'bill', 5 => 'jerry'), 'Group B' => array(7 => 'john', 8 => 'smith')))); ?>
  • r1433: form helpers ids are automatically converted from names to proper (and unique) ids with underscores (slickrick)
<?php echo input_tag('item[14]', '0.00') ?>
<?php echo input_tag('total[sum][value]', '0.00') ?>

<input type="text" name="item[14]" id="item_14" value="0.00" />
<input type="text" name="total[sum][value]" id="total_sum_value" value="0.00" />
  • r1436: sfNumberValidator supports the following types: any, decimal, float, integer (slickrick)
  • r1437: sfEmailValidator has a new strict parameter (slickrick)
  • r1440, r1459: new calendar translations for it and no
  • r1451: ability to remove all stylesheets at once via stylesheets: [-*] and javascripts via javascripts: [-*] (slickrick)
  • r1453: validators from validate.yml configuration file and ->validateXXX() methods are always executed (pookey)
  • r1463: module generator accepts custom templates (mabs29)

Book and documentation

  • r1466: form helpers API documentation updated (slickrick)


Some people started to translate symfony documentation in german:

Some symfony powered websites

  • azedu: An online e-learning educational portal

They talked about us