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A week of symfony #18 (01->07 may 2006)

Interesting trunk changes

r1310,r1320: updated Propel and Creole to their latest release

r1302,r1303: fixed calendar for nl and zh

r1301: added a new ->getLastRequestTime() method to user


r1300: refactored partial and component support

  • output escaping support for partial and components
  • partial and component cache
  • added new helpers: get_component_slot(), get_component() and get_partial()

Book and documentation

r1315: new "Unit tests accessing the database" section

r1304: new "Caching a partial, a component, or a component slot" section


some symfony powered websites

  • CodeNote - Notepad for Developers(开发者的记事贴): The Site is a notepad system for developers,in China.
  • Fastblood: Fastblood is a service that aims to network blood banks in Kerala, India and provide a way for blood donation to happen from mobile phones.
  • Brevissime! (Italian): Brevissime is another askeet clone
  • Sertaş (Turkish): A corporate site with static content. The company manufactures various products including refractory materials and heating equipments.

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