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    33== general questions == 
    5 Is the code in the svn repositiry more or less the same as the code available from the channel? 
    6   > basically yes (see below) 
     5I had previously posted some questions about a double symfony/symfony directory in some include paths.  I had been trying to get symfony running under windows using the manual installation process.  After a number of pear related issues I finally managed to get symfony installed on a linux system using pear install.  And now I see things a bit better.  The key thing is that php code does end up under pear/lib/symfony/symfony while data files end up under pear/data.  So paths such as pear/lib/symfony/symfony/pear.php are valid. 
    8 I have not been able to bring down the project using pear install yet.  Thing keeps timing out.  I have gotten the tgz file from the web site but there seems to be some errors in it. 
    9   > you can install symfony with PEAR and the tgz from the website: 
    11   > pear install 
    13   > we had a misconfigured firewall which prevented downloads to work properly. I hoped it is fixed now. PEAR installations and .tgz downloads must work now as expected. 
    15   >> It downloads properly.  Now I reach the 16MB memory limit.  Deep sigh. 
    17 For example the data/symfony/skelton/app/app/config/config.php file has 
    18 require(SF_SYMFONY_DATA_DIR.'/symfony/config/constants.php'); 
    19 But the SF_SYMFONY_DATA_DIR already points to whatever/data/symfony 
    20 So you end up with a double symfony in the path. 
    22 I am assuming that the tutorials will work using the pear install process but maybe there is a disconnect between it and the checked in code? 
    23   > stable version 0.4.0 is the same code base as in the svn repository. The tutorials will work with both versions (PEAR and SVN). 
    26   >> The problem is that I don't think they do work.  Have you tried them on a clean machine?  Has anyone else reported success?  There are several spots in the code which generate symfony/symfony instead of just symfony.  I could be doing something wrong but as I adjust the code I get further along. I really think you might want to take a look at the app/config.php file. 
    28 By the way the pake stuff is not checked in either and the pake.tgz link on the web site is not working. 
    29   > link fixed. 
     7If soneone wanted to create a "Manual Installation Under Windows" wiki page then I'd be willing to post more details. 
    319== the symfony project ==