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Coding symfony with Vim

This page is devoted to resources for those choosing to code symfony projects with Vim.

The Vim website

Useful plugins for Vim:

* You might have to add the following two lines to your .vimrc file for this to work:

filetype on
filetype plugin on

Useful additions to your .vimrc file:

Convert Tabs to Spaces

In adherence with the symfony standard of 2 spaces per tab:

From A Collection of Vim Tips | Ayman Hourieh's Blog

Placing the following in your .vimrc will replace tabs with 2 spaces when tab key is pressed, when indenting, and auto-indenting. this can be very useful while working with Python code for example, as it stops tabs from sneaking into files.

set et
set sw=2
set sts=2
set smarttab

PHP code folding

let php_folding = 1

Code folding commands

  • zo: open fold (if cursor is on the fold line)
  • zc: close the closest fold
  • zR: open all folds
  • zM: close all folds
  • zj: move to start of next fold
  • zk: move to end of previous fold

Set line numbers on

Useful for finding the source of those errors -- what errors?! ;)

set number

Automatically delete trailing DOS-returns and whitespace

Useful for automatically removing trailing whitespace.

autocmd BufRead * silent! %s/[\r \t]\+$//
autocmd BufEnter *.php :%s/[ \t\r]\+$//e

Display trailing spaces, tabs and end of lines

Useful to edit Yaml files. End of lines will be displayed as a blue «$», trailing spaces as «-» and tabs as «^I».

set list
set listchars=trail:-