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Plugins for symfony 1.1

symfony 1.1 plugin management has been rewritten from scratch. The symfony plugin system is now based on a "real" PEAR channel.

The symfony 1.1 PEAR channel is (with an alias of symfony-plugins).

Plugin installation

To install a plugin, you can use the plugin:install task:

./symfony plugin:install sfGuardPlugin

To have all the available options and syntax, use the help task:

./symfony help plugin:install

The book has been updated with the latest information on how to install plugins (

Plugin authors

If you host your plugins on the website and want to upgrade your plugins to work with symfony 1.1, here are some tips:

  • If you use the symfony subversion repository, change the main SVN directory structure like this:
      myPlugin/branches/1.0/   <- Plugin compatible with symfony 1.0
      myPlugin/branches/1.1/   <- Plugin compatible with symfony 1.1

This allow to support both symfony 1.0 and symfony 1.1.

  • For symfony 1.1, you need to update the package.xml file:
  • change the channel to
  • change the symfony compatibility to 1.1 (and exclude 1.2)

When releasing a new version of a plugin, attach the PEAR package to the plugin page as before. The symfony CLI will do the "right" thing based on the symfony version you have in your current project (based on the symfony dependency you have configured in your package.xml).