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symfony 1.0 helpers status

In symfony 1.1, template helpers are moved to the sfCompat10Plugin. Below is a summary of all symfony 1.0 available helpers and their counterpart in symfony 1.1.

Form helpers

The form helpers are deprecated and replaced by the new form/validation/widget framework.

  • FormHelper:
1.0 1.1
select_tag sfWidgetFormSelect / sfWidgetFormSelectMany
select_country_tag sfWidgetFormI18nSelectCountry
select_language_tag sfWidgetFormI18nSelectLanguage
input_tag sfWidgetFormInput
input_hidden_tag sfWidgetFormInputHidden
input_file_tag sfWidgetFormInputFile
input_password_tag sfWidgetFormInputPassword
checkbox_tag sfWidgetFormInputCheckbox
textarea_tag sfWidgetFormTextarea
radiobutton_tag sfWidgetFormSelectRadio
get_id_from_name sfWidgetForm::generateId()
input_date_tag none
options_for_select none (merged with sfWidgetFormSelect)
input_date_range_tag none (use 2 sfWidgetFormDate objects)
form_tag none (use plain HTML)
submit_tag none (use plain HTML)
reset_tag none (use plain HTML)
submit_image_tag none (use plain HTML)
label_for none (use plain HTML)
  • DateFormHelper:
1.0 1.1
select_date_tag sfWidgetFormDate / sfWidgetFormI18nDate
select_time_tag sfWidgetFormTime / sfWidgetFormI18nTime
select_datetime_tag sfWidgetFormDateTime / sfWidgetFormI18nDateTime
select_day_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
select_month_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
select_year_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
select_second_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
select_minute_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
select_hour_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
select_ampm_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
select_number_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
select_timezone_tag none (use sfWidgetFormSelect)
  • ObjectHelper:

Helpers in this file have no equivalent in symfony 1.1 as it does not make sense. You can use Propel Form to achieve the same goal.

1.0 1.1
object_input_date_tag none
object_textarea_tag none
objects_for_select none
object_select_tag none
object_select_country_tag none
object_select_language_tag none
object_input_hidden_tag none
object_input_tag none
object_checkbox_tag none
  • ObjectAdminHelper:
1.0 1.1
object_admin_input_file_tag To be done
object_admin_double_list To be done
object_admin_select_list To be done
object_admin_check_list To be done
  • sfRichTextEditor

The 2 rich text editors (TinyMCE and FCK) have no equivalent in symfony 1.1. This needs to be done.

  • ValidationHelper:
1.0 1.1
form_has_error sfForm (various methods)
form_error sfForm (various methods)

JavaScript helpers

All helpers in JavascriptHelper are deprecated and they won't have equivalent in symfony 1.1.

symfony 1.2 won't have Prototype/ included as we want to give the user the choice of their JavaScript library. Also, we think that JavaScript have to be written in JavaScript, and as such, there won't be any official port of these helpers in the future.

Miscellaneous helpers

The helpers in TextHelper are deprecated and won't have equivalent in symfony 1.1. We think they don't belong to the core framework.

The helpers in NumberHelper need to be ported to symfony 1.1.