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symfony 1.1 events

symfony 1.1 core classes notify events and listen to events.

An event is composed of a namespace and a name separated by a dot. So, the log event name in the application namespace is named application.log.

By default, the core framework have some built-in events:

event namespace event name type notifiers listeners argument names
application log notify lot of classes sfLogger priority
throw_exception notifyUntil sfException sfBrowser -
command log notify sfCommand* classes sfCommandLogger priority
pre_command notifyUntil sfTask arguments, options
post_command notify sfTask -
filter_options filter sfTask command_manager
component method_not_found notifyUntil sfComponent method, arguments
context load_factories notify sfContext -
controller change_action notify sfController sfI18N module, action
method_not_found notifyUntil sfController method, arguments
page_not_found notify sfController module, action
plugin pre_install notify sfPluginManager channel, plugin, is_package
post_install notify sfPluginManager sfSymfonyPluginManager channel, plugin
pre_uninstall notify sfPluginManager sfSymfonyPluginManager channel, plugin
post_uninstall notify sfPluginManager channel, plugin
request filter_parameters filter sfWebRequest sfRouting path_info
method_not_found notifyUntil sfRequest method, arguments
response method_not_found notifyUntil sfResponse method, arguments
filter_content filter sfResponse sfWebDebugLogger -
routing load_configuration notify sfRouting -
task cache.clear notifyUntil sfCacheClearTask app, type, env
template filter_parameters filter sfViewParameterHolder sfContext -
user change_culture notify sfUser sfI18N culture
method_not_found notifyUntil sfUser method, arguments
view configure_format notify sfView format, response, request
method_not_found notifyUntil sfView method, arguments


To notify an event:

$dispatcher->notify(new sfEvent($this, 'user.change_culture', array('culture' => $culture)));

To listen to an event:

$dispatcher->connect('user.change_culture', array($this, 'listenToChangeCultureEvent'));

// ...

   * Listens to the user.change_culture event.
   * @param sfEvent An sfEvent instance
  public function listenToChangeCultureEvent(sfEvent $event)
    // change the message format object with the new culture

Event types

Events can be triggered by 3 different methods:

  • notify
  • notifyUntil
  • filter


  • notify notifies all listeners
  • Listeners cannot returns a value
  • All listeners are guaranteed to be executed
  public function notify(sfEvent $event)
    foreach ($this->getListeners($event->getName()) as $listener)
      call_user_func($listener, $event);

    return $event;


  • notifyUntil notifies all listeners until one stops the chain by returning a true value
  public function notifyUntil(sfEvent $event)
    foreach ($this->getListeners($event->getName()) as $listener)
      if (call_user_func($listener, $event))

    return $event;


  • filter notifies all listeners that they can filter the given value
  • All listeners are passed the value and they must return the filtered value
  • All listeners are guaranteed to be executed
  public function filter(sfEvent $event, $value)
    foreach ($this->getListeners($event->getName()) as $listener)
      $value = call_user_func_array($listener, array($event, $value));


    return $event;