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Symfony 1.1 documentation

starting point

# Checkout the current symfony book
$ svn co doc/branches/1.1/book

What to update ?

Here is a list of subjects that have changed, and the related chapters to update. If you want to start updating a particular point, put your name aside a subject so that we don't make conflicts.

  • Flash attributes (chapters 6 and 19)
  • Refactored storage system (chapters 6, 17 and 19)
  • Actions can now end by renderPartial() or renderComponent() (chapter 7)
  • sfWebRequest now has an isMethod() method (if($request->isMethod('post'))) (chapters 6, 9, and 10)
  • Support for many-to-many relationships in fixtures (chapter 16)
  • Escaping strategies are now only 'on' and 'off'. Watch out in the 'performance' Chapter, where we advise to deactivate it - it no longer has an impact on performance (Chapters 7, 18, 19)
  • make php symfony the default way to call the CLI everywhere in the doc
  • propel-init-crud does not exist anymore, use propel:generate-crud --generate-in-cache instead (Chapter 14) - documented in the new form book
  • Scaffoldings now use the new form syntax - documented in the new form book
  • syntax of batch files (Removed from chapter 6, detailed in chapter 16)
  • Use of a third-party framework no longer needs a bridge, just register additional autoloading callable
  • Ability to execute an action on a selection of entries in the admin generator(chapter 14)
  • Config changes
    • Remove mentions of Spyc
    • Incorrect YAML files now throw a helpful error message
    • Symfony can auto-check that it can run (check_configuration.php checks PHP version, extensions, etc.)
    • The project and application configurations are now classes, offering convenient methods to customize the project directory structure and loaders
    • An application can access another application's configuration
  • Factories (chapter 6 and 17)
  • Removal of singletons
  • removal of 'logging.yml' (chapters 6, 16, and 19)
  • new cache framework (chapters 7, 12, 13, 15, 17, and 18)
    • new unified interface for all cache classes
    • more classes. In 1.0: File and SQLite. 1.1: File, SQLite, APC, eaccelerator, xcache, memcache (chapter 19)
    • big changes in function cache. It now takes a cache instance (chapter 18)
    • i18n cache is now also configurable in factories.yml(chapter 13, 19)
    • Ability to remove the cache from another application (Waiting for the ability to switch app conf)
    • The view cache manager now accepts wildcards in the remove() calls, whatever the caching factory you use
    • Partials and components in cache can now add JavaScripts? and stylesheets in the main response(no need to document it, it was a sf 1.0 bug)
  • autoloading
  • routing
    • Routing cache layer (chapters 9 and 19)
    • Token separator in routes is no more limited to '/' (chapters 9 and 19)
    • PJS and multiformat - documented in the cookbook
    • The routing class is not a singleton anymore - that means that an application can have access to another application's routing objects
    • How to register a new routing rule in a plugin (Chapter 17)
  • i18n
    • A new task can find untranslated text strings in templates and add them to the dictionaries (symfony i18n:extract)
    • Another new task can find text strings without () in templates and report them (symfony i18n:find)
    • XLIFF and gettext dictionaries can now be in multiple directories
    • The I18n class is not a singleton anymore
  • logger
  • filter chain (recheck what is described in chapter 6)
  • Explain where the compat10 plugin is needed (Chapters 6, 10, 14)
  • Validation changes ? (chapter 6) - documented in the new form book
  • ORM changes
    • Propel has been updated, and is now a plugin, bundled by default with symfony 1.1. Update paths
    • Behaviors can now be declared directly in the schema (chapter 8)
    • A schema can be overridden by another one(chapter 17)
    • New configure:database task to update both the propel.ini and databases.yml dsn from the command line
    • More hooks in the code - that means more opportunities for extensions and behaviors
    • Better i18n support ($article->getTitle('fr'))
    • Improved dump/load, dealing with FK seamlessly
    • YAML schema generated from a database is now more readable
    • Support for the new Form subframework - documented in the forms book
    • Propel Inheritance is now supported (see #3473)
  • ->initialize methods
  • Improved tests
    • CSS3 selectors are now supported in the sfDomCSSSelector (:contains(), :first, etc.)
  • web debug
    • More information in the Web Debug Toolbar (PHP extensions, sfUser attributes, etc.)
  • New CLI task system
    • Remove mentions of Pake
    • Check all calls to CLI and replace with the new syntax
    • Introduce the CLI syntax (help, unordered named options) (Chapter 16)
    • Explain how to embed tasks in a plugin (Chapter 17)
  • New plugin system (Chapter 17)
    • New CLI syntax
    • Supports dependencies between plugins
    • New options for more control over what you install (--install_deps, --release, --stability)
    • Support for the REST API of a PEAR channel (?)
  • Replace the explanation of Mixins by an explanation of the new event system (Chapter 17)
    • List events
  • No more constants.php (chapter 19) and new method to customize directory layout
  • Try to explain behaviors without Mixins
  • Total decoupling of objects
  • Better exceptions
  • Alternative schema capabilities (behaviors in the schema, overriding an existing schema, alternative syntax) (chapters 8 and 17)
  • improved error500 and unavailable page things need documenting - r8271 and r8272
  • batches: in sf 1.1, the best way to create a batch is to create a task class. That way, you have option and parameter support for free and the task is launcheable via the symfony CLI

You will find a detailed list of changes in the code at branches/1.1/UPGRADE

Fabian's review comments

Chapter 1

  • PHP 5 -> PHP 5.1 (it confuses slightly to read about php 5, when the requirement is 5.1. although i know the name of the thing is php 5)
  • ORM Part: Propel should be described as default plugin. Doctrine as addon-plugin note from Francois I think Chapter 1 is a little early to talk about that. You need to know about ORMs, plugins, and a lot more to be able to make something out if this piece of information. fabian: fine with me, just noticed that it indicates a strong propel binding, which is no longer intended to be

Chapter 2

  • Module tree structure subchapter: remove "valdidate/" folder from code, table and note

Chapter 3

  • PHP 5.0 requirement -> php 5.1
  • Sandbox file needs to be versioned as well. also download link needs then adjustments:
  • also the sandbox version number is then probably not 1.0.0: "symfony version 1.0.0"
  • is the list of included third party components still correct? (yes)
  • "Installing the Symfony PEAR Package" chapter needs later more up to date numbers (version filesize etc)
  • Also in the checking out the path needs to be adjusted (depending on time of change change also .com to .org)
  • Setting up-application needs to be checked for new symfony CLI commands
  • Typical problems lists that the memory limit should be 16M. But I think somewhere else (and also in my envs) 32M is recommended

Chapter 4

  • Module Skeleton Chapter: Remove validate directory reference
  • Markdown issue in listing 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 4.11, probably caused by the single quote

Chapter 5

  • Project Configuration -> is the propel configuration still there?
  • Module Configuration remove or rewrite the valdiation part here (i guess remove, as validation is not configured, its programmed)

Chapter 6

  • Listing 6.8: Update how to obtain "framework core objects"
  • Singleton Explanation Note: Rewrite or drop?
  • Listing 6.31,6.34 remove web_debug: ~ (no longer a filter)
  • "The Filter Chain" refers to the web debug filter sometimes, bad example as this is no longer a filter :-)

Chapter 7 -> no motivation yet to do. too many changes :-)

Chapter 8

  • generally contains much that will collide with the propel 1.3 change. any precautions we want to take now (or ignore it atm)
  • Right in start: rephrase how propel is integrated into symfony to indcate this more loose coupling
  • are/will the CLI commands the same? or are they different for propel being a plugin now
  • how is the sfPropelPager currently shipped. Part of sf? own plugin, part of the sfPropelPlugin?
  • perhaps the "Propel in symfony" could be moved up to explain the integration