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Issues discovered in My First Project 1.1

The following are errors found in As errors are fixed, they may be edited out of this document, but readers are free to view previous versions should the old information prove helpful.


If you want to switch to MySQL for this project, just type the following command line:

$ php symfony configure:database mysql://root:pa$$word@localhost/symfony_project
Change the DSN argument to match your settings (username, password, host, and database name) and then create the database with the command line or a web interface (as described in the model chapter).

You also need to modify config/databases.yml: delete database, change phptype from sqlite to mysql

    class: sfPropelDatabase
      phptype: mysql
      dsn: 'mysql://root:pa$$word@localhost/symfony_project'

Comments from "eustache": These changes must be done because the function execute() in the class sfConfigureDatabaseTask.class.php just updates the dns parameter, and leaves both the phptype and the database parameters unchanged.

What I did was to add this code after the line 82 of the sfConfigureDatabaseTask.class.php

    $param_array = split("://",$arguments['dsn']);
    $param["phptype"] = $param_array[0];
    $param_array = split("/",$param_array[1]);
    $param["database"] = $param_array[1];

and edit (in the same file):

-this line:
'param' => array_merge(isset($config[$options['env']][$options['name']]['param']) ? $config[$options['env']][$options['name']]['param'] : array(), array('dsn' => $arguments['dsn'])),
'param' => array_merge(isset($config[$options['env']][$options['name']]['param']) ? $config[$options['env']][$options['name']]['param'] : array(), array('dsn' => $arguments['dsn'],'phptype' => $param['phptype'],'database' => $param['database'])),

so each time you run:

 $ php symfony configure:database mysql://root:pa$$word@localhost/symfony_project

these values will be updated from that string


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