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What needs to be done before symfony 1.0 stable release

Tell us what needs to be done before we release symfony 1.0. What are the blocking bugs? Where do we need to add some more polish?

Polish I18n

  • provide a pake task to extract strings -- trivoallan will provide a patch based on HowToGenerateI18NFiles early october
  • manage i18n db storage when using admin generator (eg. implementing this trick)
  • document db storage of interface strings in official docs

Produce more advanced documentation


Allow to break an application into several sub-application which can communicate with each other. That would allow to have sub-application configuration files. Very handy when one has a whole part of a website secure while the other part is public.

+1 for that (Piotr Szczepanik). A separate directory for each sub-application would be appreciated. I am working on a company's internal application and right now I have 18 modules (but it's just the beginning of work)

I agree (halfer). Can we have template/partial subfolders too, so complex modules having a number of templates, each with a number of partials, can be more clearly organised internally? A related discussion is here, which can be pinged if further detail needs to be added to this suggestion.

Output Escaping / XSS prevention

  • Every part of symfony should work fine with output escaping enabled, including the admin generator (#886, #925)
  • Documentation should be integrated in the symfony book. [DONE - will be available in the symfony book which will be released with symfony 1.0]