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symfony sprint - 12/20/2007

The symfony team organizes a code sprint on Thursday 20 December 2007.

  • The goal is to dedicate a whole day to symfony activities
  • We will fix bugs, improve the documentation, update askeet, fix plugin bugs, ...
  • Everybody can participate in the sprint (just add your name in the Attendees section)
  • You can be anywhere in the world to participate. People can work from home/work or gather together
  • If you live near Paris, you are invited to join us at Sensio's office in Suresnes (we will have beer and pizza for everybody ;-))
  • If you live in the bay area, you are invited to join us at Yahoo's office in Santa Clara (we will have pizza for everybody ;-))
  • If you live in the Vancouver area, you are invited to join us at Artefactual's office in New Westminster (we will have coffee & sushi for everybody ;-))

How to participate

During the sprint, the core team will be on the #symfony-sprint channel on Freenode.

Before the sprint, you can read some background information:

Sprint ideas

If you want to work on specific things during the sprint, please list them here, so we can coordinate efforts:

  • [Fabien]: Fix simple bugs: #2642, #2127, #2063, #2123, #2236, #2231, #2444, #1617, #1485, #1801, #2064, #2630
  • [Kiril Angov] Work on making a pake task for checking the project source code against Symfony's coding standards (Using PEAR libarary)
  • [Noël, Grégoire]: Release 1.0.10
  • [Francois, Dustin]: List the documentation efforts required for the 1.1 version of the guide (Symfony11Documentation), and write the most urgent chapters (form/widgets, validation, cache?)
  • [Francois, Dave Dash]: Fix plugin tickets
  • [Javier Eguiluz]: update spanish translation of the book and achieve 100% sync with original documentation
  • [Stefan Koopmanschap]: Whisper system for sfSimpleForumPlugin (#2655) and anything else that may seem useful, either for plugins or symfony itself (#1582, #2695)
  • [Dustin, Dave Dash, JackB, PeterVG]: Release sfYUIPlugin for 1.1, with client-side validation + YUI Widgets (TextArea? => WYSIWYG, Date => Calendar, etc), sfDimensionsPlugin for 1.1
  • [Dustin]: Migrate core plugins to new svn layout, upgrade core plugins for 1.1
  • [Leon van der Ree]: Improve sfExtjsThemePlugin, fixing related-fields drop-down-comboboxes and hopefully add feature to define multiple edit-pages for one module.
  • [Carl.Vondrick]: Full coverage of unit and functional tests for sfLucene and release the first version for 1.1
  • [Hassen Ben Tanfous]: sfContactGrabber plugin. Code refactoring and adding new features
  • [Matthias Nothhaft]: Finish the major refactoring of sfPageControllerPlugin for symfony 1.1 / maybe create sfFormDoctrine and/or work on sfDoctrinePlugin related bugs.


If you want to participate in the sprint, just add your name below.

At Sensio - Paris/France

  • Fabien Potencier
  • Marc Hugon
  • Noël Guilbert
  • Grégoire Hubert
  • Romain Dorgueil
  • Francois Zaninotto

At Clever Age, Paris/France (with double portion of beer, foie gras and pizza :-P)

(in the evening)

  • Tristan Rivoallan (tristan)
  • Nicolas Perriault (nicolas)
  • Xavier Lacot (xavier)

At Yahoo - Santa Clara, California, USA

  • Dustin Whittle (ask for dustin whittle in reception)
  • Dave Dash [a.k.a. davedash]
  • Your Name Here

At Artefactual Systems, New Westminster/Vancouver, Canada (with coffee & sushi)

  • Jack Bates (a.k.a. jablko)
  • Peter Van Garderen (a.k.a. peterVG)
  • Your Name Here


  • Pascal Borreli
  • Arthur Koziel
  • Fabian Lange
  • Javier Eguiluz
  • Joshua May [notjosh]
  • Angel Roldan (Madrid, SP)
  • Stefan Koopmanschap (
  • Kiril Angov [kupokomapa]
  • Michael Nolan (Edge Hill University)
  • J. Gines Hernandez G. (Barcelona, es)
  • Jim Podroskey
  • Carl Vondrick (towards the end!)
  • Neftali Yagua (jhony192) [Coderic dot org]
  • Mark Quezada
  • Paul Villavicencio (Quito, ec)
  • Pedro Hernández P. (Talara, pe)
  • El Cheche (Cusco, pe)
  • Raúl Hernández Caballero (Madrid, SP)
  • Abdelkader Rhouati
  • Ronan Le Cornec (St-Malo, FR)
  • Leon van der Ree (
  • James Ashton (Toulouse, FR)
  • Dariusz Stosor (Gorzow, PL)
  • Krzysztof Pajak (Gorzow, PL)
  • Romain MURA (Toulouse, FR)
  • Ivan Zgoniaiko (Zaporozhye, UA)
  • Enrique Martinez (Madrid, SP)
  • Hassen Ben Tanfous (Montreal, CA)
  • Scott Morrison (Kingston, CA)
  • Matthias Nothhaft (aka mahono / Berlin, DE)
  • Mark Ng (Bournemouth, UK)
  • Rubén García (Madrid, SP)
  • Leonardo Diaz (aka neonard0, Colombia, CO)
  • Jérôme Texier (Paris, FR)
  • Pierre Cahard (Strasbourg FR)
  • Bernardo Dantas (Niterói, RJ, Brazil)
  • Pedro Casado (Niterói, RJ, Brazil)

Dutch symfony sprint

Dutch symfony sprint will happen online ;)