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The purpose of this page is to make it easy for people to figure out what to work on and who to contact. In general #symfony-dev on freenode is the place to ask.

Bernhard (bschussek) is responsible for Form/Validation and Johannes (johannes) for Security. For Dependency Injection you can also ask Johannes, Kris (kriswallsmith). Ryan (weaverryan), Jeremy (jmikola) and Johannes are also leading the efforts to implement Bundle Extension config merging. And for all topics of course there is also Fabien (fabpot).

All the work must be done on fabpot/master -> If you are not comfortable with Git, you can also use the sandbox (PR6 only) as available here: The latest documentation is available here

if you start working on anything concrete it would probably be a good idea to make sure a note ends up on this wiki page to prevent duplicate efforts.


  • Run static code analysis on the code and fix any arising issues (watch out for false positives!). Also many IDE's support this. For example phpstorm (
  • Review all the open tickets:
  • Help on the intl compat layer:
  • Help improve the test coverage of the components and Bundles Code Coverage
  • Help implementing config merging in the Bundle Extensions
  • Performance: I (Fabien) have worked a lot on optimizing the performance of a simple "Hello World" application and I think we cannot squeeze more juice anymore (of course you can try to enhance it even more to impress me). But for "standard" applications, I'm sure there is still many possible improvements. One can work on improving performance of simple/typical applications by using XDebug/KCachegrind/xhprof. By typical, I mean pages that rely on a lot of templating features (many slots, many includes, ...), or use a lot of Doctrine read queries (use SQLite here), ...
  • Simple topic for newcomers: add more PHPDoc where necessary and fix existing ones. You can find PHPDoc comments that need to be fixed by using PHP reflection and check for instance that the number of @param elements is equivalent to the number of arguments for methods. Check (and improve!) this Gist for a class that helps performing this task.
  • FormBuilder: Implement a FormBuilder to make it possible to preconfigure Form's via the DIC, but do final configuration steps inside for example a controller before fetching the Form instance from the FormBuilder
  • Documentation improvements, new sections ..
  • Add support for sessions in functional tests