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This page serves to make notes on SfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin

svn merge changes from branches into trunk

(by Klemens 2009-02-27)

To merge you need to know the revision numbers you want to include.
In our example we have to get the changes from the creation of the punkave branche until the current revision.
Since I didn't know on which revision the punkave branch was created, I checked it out and used "stop-on-copy", which marks svn copy actions:

cd /var/www
svn co
cd punkave
svn log --stop-on-copy 
  -> get the revision of the branch's creation (r15308)

Now I go to my local working copy of sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin and merge in the changes from punkave:

cd ../sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin
svn update
-> make sure everything is up to date

cd /plugins/sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin/
 -> which is actually the trunk (

svn merge -r15308:HEAD
  -> marks the files which have been updated:
U    lib/model/doctrine/PluginTagTable.class.php
U    lib/TaggableTemplate.class.php

svn diff lib/model/doctrine/PluginTagTable.class.php
  -> check changes for the first updated file
svn diff lib/TaggableTemplate.class.php
  -> check changes for the second updated file

cd ../..
php symfony test:all
 -> if everything is green you can commit the changes

cd plugins/sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin/
svn ci -m 'merged changes from punkave branch'

Note: for a next update you have to note the the revision of the commit and use it as the "from" revision.