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Version 1 (modified by GaryFx, 9 years ago)
Wiki page to show the new task names

The symfony command line task names have changed in version 1.1. They now use a namespace syntax. The old task names still work--they are just aliases for the new task names. Here is a table showing the name changes:

Old task name New task name
clear-cache cache:clear
clear-controllers project:clear-controllers
disable project:disable
downgrade [Not implemented]
enable project:enable
fix-perms project:permissions
freeze project:freeze
init-app generate:app
init-batch [Not implemented]
init-controller [Not implemented]
init-module generate:module
init-project generate:project
log-purge log:clear
log-rotate log:rotate
plugin-install plugin:install
plugin-list plugin:list
plugin-uninstall plugin:uninstall
plugin-upgrade plugin:upgrade
propel-build-all propel:build-all
propel-build-all-load propel:build-all-load
propel-build-db propel:build-db
propel-build-model propel:build-model
propel-build-schema propel:build-schema
propel-build-sql propel:build-sql
propel-convert-xml-schema propel:schema-to-yml
propel-convert-yml-schema propel:schema-to-xml
propel-dump-data propel:data-dump
propel-generate-crud propel:generate-crud
propel-init-admin propel:init-admin
propel-init-crud [Not implemented]
propel-insert-sql propel:insert-sql
propel-load-data propel:data-load
sync project:deploy
test-all test:all
test-functional test:functional
test-unit test:unit
unfreeze project:unfreeze
upgrade project:freeze