InstallingSymfonyOnMacOSXWithPHPBinaryFromEntropy (history)

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Change History of InstallingSymfonyOnMacOSXWithPHPBinaryFromEntropy

Version Date Author Comment
6 04/05/08 15:53:02 richsad just enhanced my previous change to add bash user: ~macbook$ to make consistent with other CLI examples.
5 04/05/08 15:51:20 richsad Unless you restart apache, the instructions shown here will not work. So I added instructions to restart apache
4 04/05/08 15:38:39 richsad there was an error in the line I changed. It had said pear channels-upgrade, but there is no such command. Using the command I have shown worked.
3 02/27/08 09:38:44 crackmigg corrected typo in the pear upgrade-all line
2 03/23/07 12:41:01 akira28
1 02/09/07 12:17:01 akira28 guide to install symfony on MacOSX with the PHP5 binary from entropy