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Progress on the security firewall

Johannes said "basically, the serialization is now almost finished, there are still a couple of issues to iron out but most of it has been merged, remember-me is still blocked by of these issues, ACL could be reviewed though, it's the only thing that is truly independent". The documentation is somewhat out of date, so is probably a good place to get an idea of how things work now. Henrik once again brought up how confusing the method name "loadUserByUsername" is. There was universal agreement that its an unfortunate choice and that someone else like handle/identifier/principal might be better than "username".

twig tags/filters/default template parameters

Fabien has stated on the list that he wants to get rid of access to _view for twig templates. Opensky, and Liip all stated that currently they heavily rely on this. Jordi explained "allows any service that is a templating helper to easily support twig tags". The idea is to reduce the amount of code that has to be written to support both PHP and twig templates. There was also brief discussion about the idea to inject some variables into templates to further reduce the need for specialized tags for twig and to be more flexible (rather than ifrole which for example cannot be negated).

RFC: Merging field groups into a form

Jeremy explained that currently every "field is a 1:1 correspondence with an object property and as you nest fieldgroups in a form, those fieldgroup keys must correspond to objects within your main object". Bernhard's proposed change enables to "create fieldgroups that don't require sub-objects in your main, bound object" but "the complexity is how this will relate to binding form data to the object". For example for a date range: "mainObject.dateRange.startDate" vs. "mainObject.startDate" vs. ..? This question is especially relevant also for constraint and validation error assignment.

Extension helpers

Lukas explained that the goal if these methods is to be available optionally to reduce the amount of boilerplate code in more complex Bundles (f.e. DoctrineUserBundle and to enable these two be more consistent in the configuration structure. Of course just like DUB extension authors could just put these methods into their code.

flash api and Message class

Lukas mentioned the progress that was made since the issue was last discussed. There is a p pull request] still open to also add the ability to remove flash messages. The bigger open question is that contrary to the previous plans there is still no Message class. One of the key questions is of course i18n. Jordi said that the Message class should do the translation automatically if __toString() is called. So the question was when to translate the string. This will require injecting the translation layer at some point. It was also noted that if any translation is done at runtime then due to the fact that flash messages are serialized this would require that the injected service needs to be able to wakeup.

IRC logs

Dec 16 11:01:18 <lsmith>	ok let s go then
Dec 16 11:01:20 <lsmith>	johanness .. Progress on the security firewall:
Dec 16 11:01:24 <lsmith>	take it away :)
Dec 16 11:01:26 <johanness>	hehe
Dec 16 11:01:35 <lsmith>	i have to eat my rasberry/blueberry cake thingi :)
Dec 16 11:01:53 <johanness>	basically, the serialization is now almost finished, there are still a couple of issues to iron out but most of it has been merged
Dec 16 11:02:05 <johanness>	remember-me is still blocked by one of these issues
Dec 16 11:02:20 *	Felicitus ( has joined #symfony-dev
Dec 16 11:02:29 <lsmith>	johanness: you mean ?
Dec 16 11:03:03 <johanness>	lsmith: yeah exactly, i also made a comment on the password encoding pull-request regarding this
Dec 16 11:03:21 <lsmith>	johanness: for those interested .. should work now?
Dec 16 11:03:44 <johanness>	lsmith: untested with latest head, i think ornicar works on merging this
Dec 16 11:04:05 <johanness>	for ACL, i think fabien needs still some more time to review it
Dec 16 11:04:21 <lsmith>	ACL should apply cleanly yo current fabpot/master?
Dec 16 11:04:30 <henrikbjorn>	johanness have you thought about the getProviderName() method fabien proposed in that ticket?
Dec 16 11:04:38 <henrikbjorn>	before we all go change our userproviders :)
Dec 16 11:05:02 <johanness>	henrikbjorn: the basic plan is to move this method from the token to the user
Dec 16 11:05:15 <johanness>	but if you use the built-in providers you won't notice the change :)
Dec 16 11:05:28 <henrikbjorn>	you will if your repositories are used
Dec 16 11:05:33 <henrikbjorn>	for entities and/or documents
Dec 16 11:05:56 <johanness>	yeah right
Dec 16 11:06:20 <henrikbjorn>	which most will (i think) to let users use their username and email address to login with
Dec 16 11:07:19 <lsmith>	johanness: is there anything people can do to move this stuff along?
Dec 16 11:07:37 <lsmith>	or is it mainly on you updating your pulls and fabien to do the merges
Dec 16 11:07:38 <lsmith>	?
Dec 16 11:07:39 <henrikbjorn>	i also think we need to decide what to call the load method loadUserByUsername is incorrect
Dec 16 11:07:43 <henrikbjorn>	as its more a identifier
Dec 16 11:07:59 <lsmith>	henrikbjorn: yeah .. that was a topic for discussion on the list before
Dec 16 11:08:11 <johanness>	lsmith: i don't see how since these are not seperate things, but they all depend on eachother somehow
Dec 16 11:08:11 <lsmith>	spring calls it "principal" afaik
Dec 16 11:08:17 <mvrhov>	loadUserByUID ?
Dec 16 11:08:24 <henrikbjorn>	yep but no decision was made sadly and no we are touching the interfaces we should fix the naming as well
Dec 16 11:08:27 <johanness>	lsmith: ACL could be reviewed though, it's the only thing that is truly independent
Dec 16 11:08:30 <lsmith>	people have suggested handle, identifier etc
Dec 16 11:08:44 <henrikbjorn>	Identifier is the most neutral one i think
Dec 16 11:08:51 <mvrhov>	+1
Dec 16 11:09:29 <henrikbjorn>	btw sorry for hijacking the topic :P
Dec 16 11:09:46 <johanness>	there's no real topic :)
Dec 16 11:09:48 <lsmith>	thats fine .. i think there isnt much more to say at this point
Dec 16 11:09:48 <weaverryan>	If it makes sense to change it, then I say we change it to something that at least a few people like and run with it (we could argue naming forever)
Dec 16 11:09:50 <jmikola|w>	johanness: are these changes likely to make the current security docs obsolete?
Dec 16 11:09:52 <johanness>	everything security i think
Dec 16 11:09:56 <jmikola|w>	or irrelevant in some respects?
Dec 16 11:10:15 <henrikbjorn>	jmikola|w the docs are currently obsolete
Dec 16 11:10:28 <johanness>	jmikola|w: docs could some updating i guess
Dec 16 11:10:35 <johanness>	could use*
Dec 16 11:10:55 <lsmith>	probably the "best" documentation in the near future is DoctrineUserBundle
Dec 16 11:11:02 <johanness>	regarding renaming, this will be touching quite some files
Dec 16 11:11:08 <lsmith>	but hopefully the actual docs will be updated too
Dec 16 11:11:11 <johanness>	we should be sure before we approach this
Dec 16 11:11:35 <henrikbjorn>	the files are only in the security right? :)
Dec 16 11:11:42 <lsmith>	i think we have almost universal agreement that "username" is not good in this contex
Dec 16 11:11:44 <lsmith>	context
Dec 16 11:11:59 <lsmith>	i have not heard a single person speak in favor of it .. even fabien isnt such a huge fan of it
Dec 16 11:12:09 <lsmith>	and said he just felt that principal was a bit freaky for php folk
Dec 16 11:12:16 <weaverryan>	when someone does take on the documentation, please just let us know so we don't all end up re-writing it at the same time
Dec 16 11:12:28 <henrikbjorn>	and that only leaves identifier
Dec 16 11:12:33 *	ajessu ( has joined #symfony-dev
Dec 16 11:12:38 <henrikbjorn>	or is there other suggestions?
Dec 16 11:12:44 <weaverryan>	"principal" is the person in charge of grade schools here in the US ;)
Dec 16 11:12:46 <Seldaek>	there were a lot, but I can't remember
Dec 16 11:12:53 <lsmith>	henrikbjorn: i prefer "handle
Dec 16 11:13:00 <Seldaek>	principal imo makes sense, but it's gonna freak out people I guess
Dec 16 11:13:00 <henrikbjorn>	thats also good
Dec 16 11:13:02 <jmikola|w>	weaverryan: it also has context for stakeholders and investors :)
Dec 16 11:13:02 <lsmith>	but i can live with identifier too
Dec 16 11:13:19 <Seldaek>	UUID?
Dec 16 11:13:23 <henrikbjorn>	Seldaek: how does it make sense :) ?
Dec 16 11:13:30 <jmikola|w>	so, concisely, can someone explain what DUB provides? :)
Dec 16 11:13:31 <weaverryan>	I did kinda like identifier
Dec 16 11:13:32 <mvrhov>	universal user id :D
Dec 16 11:13:41 <mvrhov>	== UUID
Dec 16 11:13:46 <Seldaek>	henrikbjorn: well, it is the principal field with which you reference the user, no matter which field/value-type that is
Dec 16 11:13:51 <jmikola|w>	as i wrongfully assumed that since fabpot made a doctrine provider in security component, it was not needed
Dec 16 11:13:57 <lsmith>	jmikola|w: it provides facilities for creating users .. and it will also provide facilities for groups
Dec 16 11:14:06 <jmikola|w>	ok, so more admin interface
Dec 16 11:14:07 <Felicitus>	sorry I didn't follow the conversation and I need to go to bed (dead tired) but one thing which is maybe not optimal is that we have "username" and "password", even in third party packages. In fact, shouldn't that kept to the developer in a much more simple way as it is now? I have postponed integration of Authorization as it is very complex from my POV - so isn't a passed "user" or "authenticated" object enough for sf2 to work with?
Dec 16 11:14:25 <lsmith>	it also provides base entities for those
Dec 16 11:14:34 <johanness>	jmikola|w: sending emails, confirming emais, etc.
Dec 16 11:14:35 *	everzet has quit (Quit: everzet)
Dec 16 11:14:38 <henrikbjorn>	handle is better than identifier as most users would be entities or documents and therefor already have a identifier
Dec 16 11:14:40 <lsmith>	jmikola|w: no .. it also provides impelementations for frontend controllers
Dec 16 11:14:55 <lsmith>	password recovery, email activation for new accounts
Dec 16 11:14:58 *	vjousse (~vjousse@ has joined #symfony-dev
Dec 16 11:15:01 <jmikola|w>	lsmith: and the form that would use the formlistener in security component?
Dec 16 11:15:05 <henrikbjorn>	Seldaek: dont even know how to translate principal into my language
Dec 16 11:15:14 *	russ__ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Dec 16 11:15:21 <Seldaek>	henrikbjorn: well, it's just synonym of "main" kind of..
Dec 16 11:15:22 <lsmith>	jmikola|w: there are example forms and templates too
Dec 16 11:15:24 <jmikola|w>	Felicitus: security component definitely does not require username/password
Dec 16 11:15:29 <lsmith>	but most of the time you will want to do your own
Dec 16 11:15:36 <jmikola|w>	not sure which bundles you're looking at, but they may be antiquated
Dec 16 11:15:41 <lsmith>	ok .. we have reached the time box ..
Dec 16 11:15:42 <ornicar>	DUB also provide CLI commands for managing users
Dec 16 11:16:01 <lsmith>	i would say that we have agreed on changing "Username" to something else
Dec 16 11:16:14 <henrikbjorn>	yes handle/identifier
Dec 16 11:16:21 <lsmith>	ok lets move on
Dec 16 11:16:21 <Seldaek>	 /principal
Dec 16 11:16:22 <henrikbjorn>	whould we make a doodle
Dec 16 11:16:22 <Seldaek>	:)
Dec 16 11:16:30 <avalanche123>	Seldaek +1
Dec 16 11:16:31 <johanness>	identifier is what i'm using in the ACL component
Dec 16 11:16:32 <henrikbjorn>	Seldaek: go do java :)
Dec 16 11:16:38 <lsmith>	twig tags/filters/default template parameters:
Dec 16 11:16:41 <Felicitus>	jmikola|w: yeah I need to dig into that in more detail. right now I simply login my users with a custom method and inject the final user ID to the session, which I use to re-initialize everything. drawback is that I completely bypass all ACL stuff
Dec 16 11:16:50 <Seldaek>	henrikbjorn: I'm porting java shit to php at the moment (jackrabbit/jcr/lala..)
Dec 16 11:16:54 <lsmith>	so a few things here
Dec 16 11:17:11 <lsmith>	fabien has stated that twig templates should not access _view .. and therefore not access the php template helpers
Dec 16 11:17:51 <lsmith>	Seldaek: can you tell us a bit about ?
Dec 16 11:17:52 *	jgintlio (~jgrier@ has joined #symfony-dev
Dec 16 11:17:59 <Seldaek>	yes
Dec 16 11:18:23 <lsmith>	i should also add that currently there arent twig filters/tags for all use cases
Dec 16 11:18:23 *	lacyrhoades (~snakeoil@ has joined #symfony-dev
Dec 16 11:18:29 <Seldaek>	so shortly, that bundle just allows any service that is a templating helper to easily support twig tags
Dec 16 11:18:34 <lsmith>	like negating if a user has a role .. or just getting the user etc
Dec 16 11:18:43 <Seldaek>	err, s/bundle/patch/ (tired)
Dec 16 11:19:13 <Seldaek>	the current state would force everyone to basically implement a templating helper + implement a twig extension to register the custom token parsers
Dec 16 11:19:34 <Seldaek>	but with the patch, you just implement an interface in your templating helper, hwich is a method that returns a bunch of custom token parsers
Dec 16 11:19:50 <Seldaek>	for those that don't know, custom token parsers are the way to define new twig tags ( {% foo %} )
Dec 16 11:19:57 <henrikbjorn>	-1 it forces people to have twig bundle specifics in their app even though they dont use it and couples the general templating engine together with twig
Dec 16 11:20:07 <Seldaek>	henrikbjorn: come on stop with that
Dec 16 11:20:14 <Seldaek>	I already answered it can be fixed in the pull
Dec 16 11:20:30 <Seldaek>	so, the patch helps with *supporting twig*, but it doesn't solve all problems imo
Dec 16 11:20:58 <lsmith>	fabien indicated that he prefers to handle some things by making it easier to inject data into the templates
Dec 16 11:21:06 <lsmith>	specifically for example an instance of the user
Dec 16 11:21:06 <Seldaek>	one big issue is that the way tags are implemented in twig atm, you can not make a tag that just returns data for example
Dec 16 11:21:12 <lsmith>	here is a ticket on that
Dec 16 11:21:14 <ornicar>	+1 making a Twig extension class for each helper is a pain
Dec 16 11:21:33 <henrikbjorn>	ornicar: but you only need one extension class for all helpers?
Dec 16 11:21:36 <lsmith>	it should be noted that the view layer proposal already includes a complete and working implementation for this
Dec 16 11:21:52 <lsmith>	here is an example how this works for static and dynamic template parameter injection
Dec 16 11:21:54 <ornicar>	henrikbjorn: well at least one per bundle!
Dec 16 11:22:03 <henrikbjorn>	lsmith: should still be possible without the view layer and injecting the container into the view layer
Dec 16 11:22:24 <lsmith>	henrikbjorn: yes .. it should be possible to move this functionality to the template service
Dec 16 11:22:36 <Seldaek>	so, for example the issue of grabbing ALL flash messages in a template, to loop over them, is impossible to fix with tags, unless you implement a custom for loop that would automatically loop over flash messages
Dec 16 11:22:44 <henrikbjorn>	what about makeing a template.default_variable and add defaultParameters to the engine and merge thoose with the one passed in the renderResponse?
Dec 16 11:23:52 <Seldaek>	so yeah, either we inject data, and hope that fixes all use cases, or we need to figure out a way to have kind of inline tags, so you could do {{ %inlineTag%|somefilter }} or {% for var in %inlineTag% %}
Dec 16 11:24:12 <Seldaek>	those wouldn't be custom parsed, more like a filter that you just call by doing %filter%
Dec 16 11:24:14 <lsmith>	it should be noted that injection means that you need to do work .. even if you are never going to use it
Dec 16 11:24:31 <Seldaek>	because the only alternative atm is to do {{ null|inlineTag }}
Dec 16 11:24:31 <lsmith>	aka .. you are pushing stuff into the template .. rather than the template pulling it on a need to use basis
Dec 16 11:24:40 <Seldaek>	which calls the filter with null, and then the filter can return stuff, but that's just ugly syntax
Dec 16 11:25:26 <Seldaek>	I think I'll mail the twig-dev ml about the above proposal, if anyone gives a crap you should follow it
Dec 16 11:25:27 <lsmith>	Seldaek: does pull 29 work with current fabpot/master so that people can try it out?
Dec 16 11:25:32 <Seldaek>	lsmith: yes
Dec 16 11:25:35 <Seldaek>	I use it in my project
Dec 16 11:25:40 <lsmith>	ok
Dec 16 11:25:43 <Seldaek>	so it's never lagging too much behind
Dec 16 11:26:13 <lsmith>	jmikola|w: are you guys using twig yet at opensky?
Dec 16 11:26:14 <Seldaek>	but as I tried to explain (and apparently put everyone to sleep) it does not solve all issues imo
Dec 16 11:26:23 <Seldaek>	just eases the barrier of entry for twig tags a bit
Dec 16 11:26:30 <jmikola|w>	lsmith: yes
Dec 16 11:26:35 <jmikola|w>	exclusively
Dec 16 11:26:42 <lsmith>	so do you write lots of custom twig tags/filters?
Dec 16 11:26:45 <jmikola|w>	we use _view.whatever
Dec 16 11:26:51 <jmikola|w>	which fabpot doesn't like :)
Dec 16 11:26:56 <ornicar>	we do to at :-/
Dec 16 11:27:02 <ornicar>	s/to/too
Dec 16 11:27:18 <jmikola|w>	i honestly didn't see anything wrong with it, and that's why i was so surprised that {% ifrole %} was actually suggested as an alternative
Dec 16 11:27:21 <lsmith>	we do at as well
Dec 16 11:27:27 <ornicar>	it's just too much work the provide all twig tokens
Dec 16 11:27:31 <jmikola|w>	knowing that if i was using php templates, i'd certainly use $view
Dec 16 11:27:54 <lsmith>	ok .. so i guess thats the take away at this point
Dec 16 11:28:04 <jmikola|w>	i just hope _view isn't removed anytime soon
Dec 16 11:28:07 <Seldaek>	ornicar: with pull 26 it becomes kind of a one liner to support a new token to call a custom method, so it's acceptable work
Dec 16 11:28:12 <lsmith>	unless something drastically improves .. the _view stuff is going to be used
Dec 16 11:28:17 *	Garfield-fr has quit (Quit:  ⏏)
Dec 16 11:28:25 <ornicar>	Seldaek: that's why I like it :)
Dec 16 11:28:31 *	Felicitus has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
Dec 16 11:28:50 <Seldaek>	aye, I'll go write my mail to twig-dev and we'll see what fabien thinks
Dec 16 11:29:03 <lsmith>	so it would be great of could play with pull 29
Dec 16 11:29:09 <lsmith>	ok cool .. so moving on?
Dec 16 11:29:17 <Seldaek>	sure
Dec 16 11:29:32 <lsmith>	RFC: Merging field groups into a form:
Dec 16 11:29:35 <lsmith>	bernhard isnt here
Dec 16 11:29:42 <lsmith>	and i have actually not read the RFC myself yet
Dec 16 11:29:44 <jmikola|w>	i can speak a bit about that
Dec 16 11:29:52 <lsmith>	ok great .. go! :)
Dec 16 11:29:54 <Seldaek>	I don't know if it makes sense to discuss it here
Dec 16 11:30:15 <Seldaek>	as long as there is no deadlock on the ml..
Dec 16 11:30:17 <jmikola|w>	so, for those of us that have worked with forms, you might have noticed that ever field is a 1:1 correspondence with an object property
Dec 16 11:30:33 <lsmith>	Seldaek: its good to have people have a chance to get upto speed
Dec 16 11:30:39 <jmikola|w>	and as you nest fieldgroups in a form, those fieldgroup keys must correspond to objects within your main object
Dec 16 11:31:16 <jmikola|w>	bernhard's proposal, and something i like a lot of us are looking forward to, is a way to create fieldgroups that don't require sub-objects in your main, bound object
Dec 16 11:31:30 <jmikola|w>	so he presented DateRangeField, which aggregates start/endDate fields
Dec 16 11:32:08 <jmikola|w>	and if I had a PartyForm, and a Party object... which had direct start/endDate properties... I could use this DateRangeField (actually a FieldGroup) without having to change my domain model to accommodate the form structure
Dec 16 11:32:26 <jmikola|w>	the complexity is how this will relate to binding form data to the object
Dec 16 11:32:32 <jmikola|w>	currently, we depend on property paths
Dec 16 11:32:53 <jmikola|w>	in a traditional field group, before this RFC, it would be   mainObject.dateRange.startDate and the same for endDate
Dec 16 11:33:19 <jmikola|w>	one suggestion is ignoring this special type of meta/wrapping fieldGroup in the property path, so just mainObject.startDate
Dec 16 11:33:29 <jmikola|w>	i raised a question of how this would relate to constraints and validation errors
Dec 16 11:34:19 <jmikola|w>	as we depend on property paths for mapping errors... without a property path, i'm not sure how a dateRangeField could ever have it's own error itself (not an error that was specific to just one sub-field)
Dec 16 11:34:27 <jmikola|w>	but that's all discussed on the mailing list thread, and i await input on that :)
Dec 16 11:34:32 <jmikola|w>	i think that covers the gist of things
Dec 16 11:34:38 <jmikola|w>	anyone have input/comments?
Dec 16 11:34:43 *	jmikola|w taps mic
Dec 16 11:35:13 *	ornicar tries to understand the RFC
Dec 16 11:35:26 <Seldaek>	well, I already said what I was thinking on the ml, didn't read up emails today unfortunately so I'm not up to speed
Dec 16 11:35:48 <jmikola|w>	i mentioned the property path / error-mapping concern in my very first reply, but i think it was glossed over :)
Dec 16 11:36:06 <jmikola|w>	perhaps rightfully so, bernhard might not see a need for these fieldgroups to get errors themselves
Dec 16 11:36:52 <jmikola|w>	i think everyone can agree this is incredibly useful though, as a feature in general - having a fieldgroup that can function transparently
Dec 16 11:37:01 <jmikola|w>	the DateRangeField and GmapField examples were very nice
Dec 16 11:37:48 <Seldaek>	yes, I think it'd be nice if you could somehow aggregate the errors of the sub-fields + the group all on the group
Dec 16 11:38:17 <Seldaek>	meaning you need to be able to attach validators to the group, that can only work on the group and require a bigger picture than just one field
Dec 16 11:38:35 <Seldaek>	but that's maybe something for the next step
Dec 16 11:39:18 <lsmith>	ok .. anything further on this topic?
Dec 16 11:39:47 <lsmith>	otherwise moving on ..
Dec 16 11:39:55 <jmikola|w>	moving one
Dec 16 11:39:56 <jmikola|w>	*on
Dec 16 11:40:00 <lsmith>	Extension helpers:
Dec 16 11:40:13 <ornicar>	thanks jimikola|w for raising the form point!
Dec 16 11:40:16 <lsmith>	so the idea here is to make it easier to handle Bundle configurations
Dec 16 11:40:37 <lsmith>	this is used in DoctrineUserBundle which has a ton of options
Dec 16 11:40:44 <lsmith>	custom classes etc
Dec 16 11:40:58 <lsmith>	the pull is here
Dec 16 11:41:19 <lsmith>	there was a +1 and a -1 camp ..
Dec 16 11:41:24 <lsmith>	and there it ended
Dec 16 11:41:38 <lsmith>
Dec 16 11:42:06 <lsmith>	this code handles all the parameters you can see at the bottom of the README
Dec 16 11:42:25 <lsmith>	any opinions on this?
Dec 16 11:42:55 <lsmith>	..
Dec 16 11:43:05 <lsmith>	is it clear what its trying to do?
Dec 16 11:43:15 <lsmith>	..
Dec 16 11:43:34 <jmikola|w>	reading pull
Dec 16 11:44:01 <jmikola|w>	would this just be helper methods to use in an *Extension.php file?
Dec 16 11:44:06 <Seldaek>	yes
Dec 16 11:44:07 <lsmith>	yes
Dec 16 11:44:14 <jmikola|w>	great idea :)
Dec 16 11:44:18 <Seldaek>	use OPTIONALLY, I might add
Dec 16 11:44:23 <Seldaek>	in case its not clear:p
Dec 16 11:44:35 <Seldaek>	but somehow the -1 camp doesn't like it :p
Dec 16 11:44:44 <jmikola|w>	if it's not approved for sf2, you could always publish a standalone class that we could extend, and your helper class extends the base sf one
Dec 16 11:45:09 <lsmith>	jmikola|w: yeah ..
Dec 16 11:45:09 <Seldaek>	yeah.. but that's like telling that the view can be implemented in application code
Dec 16 11:45:19 <Seldaek>	sure it can, but then nobody uses it, and nobody benefits from it, so who cares
Dec 16 11:45:21 <jmikola|w>	i don't like how your configLoad() starts off though
Dec 16 11:45:29 <lsmith>	like DoctrineUserBundle currently has these methods inside the Extension class
Dec 16 11:45:40 <jmikola|w>	typically, you only reload the xml if a given definition within it isn't already existing - no reason to load the same thing twice
Dec 16 11:46:04 <Seldaek>	jmikola|w: that's however another issue with DUB, nothing to do with the pull :)
Dec 16 11:46:16 <Seldaek>	but lsmith/ornicar should take note I guess
Dec 16 11:46:36 <jmikola|w>	so reading the DUB extension, i maybe wouldn't use these specific protected methods
Dec 16 11:46:45 <jmikola|w>	but there are certain conventions that i think are useful to have
Dec 16 11:47:00 <jmikola|w>	as i notice a lot of duplicated array_key_exists and isset() nonsense in my own extensions
Dec 16 11:47:25 *	ce_afk is now known as cescalante
Dec 16 11:47:25 <jmikola|w>	having re-usable, well-tested methods to avoid repeating myself would help make the code more concise
Dec 16 11:47:43 <lsmith>	ok .. anyone else have something on this?
Dec 16 11:47:57 <Seldaek>	yeah obviously that was a first batch, if it got merged and used, I'm sure we'd get feedback for further improvement
Dec 16 11:47:59 <jmikola|w>	your remap functions are essentially mapping the config array to the arrays you define in configLoad, right?
Dec 16 11:48:08 <Seldaek>	yup
Dec 16 11:48:11 <jmikola|w>	by walking it and checking what's available
Dec 16 11:48:34 <lsmith>	of course you could also handle some configs like this .. and others "manually"
Dec 16 11:48:40 <jmikola|w>	i will say one thing i initially took for granted was that configs get merged, and then i realized that it's only if *load() is smart enough to handle it
Dec 16 11:49:15 <Seldaek>	you mean if it's in config.yml & config_dev.yml or what ?
Dec 16 11:49:28 <jmikola|w>	yeah... like simplecas.config: { ...}  in two different yml files
Dec 16 11:49:44 <jmikola|w>	unless you walk the config array and import what's present, it's very easy to shoot yourself in the foot
Dec 16 11:49:58 <Seldaek>	I see, never realized that either
Dec 16 11:50:13 <lsmith>	yeah .. you have to use parameters in those cases
Dec 16 11:50:15 <jmikola|w>	granted, there are cases where you sometimes want to overwrite an entire block within the config array, but it's something to be aware of
Dec 16 11:50:33 <lsmith>	yeah .. just clobbering things together isnt ideal either
Dec 16 11:50:37 <jmikola|w>	i kind of just assumed that the config*yml files all merge themselves and then call config.load once :)
Dec 16 11:50:40 <lsmith>	so you have to make it explicit
Dec 16 11:50:42 <jmikola|w>	i was young and naive
Dec 16 11:50:46 <lsmith>	hehe
Dec 16 11:50:49 <lsmith>	ok moving on
Dec 16 11:50:49 <lsmith>	flash api and Message class:
Dec 16 11:51:08 <lsmith>	a couple of things here
Dec 16 11:51:08 <lsmith>
Dec 16 11:51:19 <lsmith>	this has been partially merged and tweaks the internal flash api a bit
Dec 16 11:51:38 <lsmith>	i think the only thing that wasnt merged yet was a method to remove flash messages
Dec 16 11:51:57 <lsmith>	which i think is useful for example when a 3rd party controller is a big trigger happy with flash messages
Dec 16 11:52:15 <lsmith>	and it seems like a safe addition without any real drawbacks
Dec 16 11:52:36 <lsmith>	the bigger topic is that fabien hasnt implemented the Message class he promised a while back
Dec 16 11:52:36 <lsmith>
Dec 16 11:52:46 <lsmith>	"I have tried to work on such a class, but this is just not possible as we need to many parameters to make it usable. Besides the obvious id, parameters, we also need to support the domain, selector, and locale."
Dec 16 11:52:47 <jmikola|w>	with i18n support?
Dec 16 11:52:56 <lsmith>	yeah
Dec 16 11:53:28 <lsmith>	though i actually didnt understand the issue .. i was under the impression the Message class would just use the translation layer if enabled
Dec 16 11:53:49 <lsmith>	so to me all the Message class needs to hold is the message
Dec 16 11:53:59 <lsmith>	and optionally parameters, a type and the catalog
Dec 16 11:54:03 <henrikbjorn>	setFlash('key', 'message') and use |trans in the view?
Dec 16 11:55:02 <henrikbjorn>	imo DUB are using flashes wrong
Dec 16 11:55:05 <Seldaek>	it's a bit nicer if the message is just translating automatically on __toString()
Dec 16 11:55:08 <lsmith>	henrikbjorn: yes .. or setFlash('key', new Message('message', array(..), Message::NOTICE, 'mycatalog'))
Dec 16 11:55:14 <Seldaek>	then it's transparent to the templates
Dec 16 11:55:17 <Seldaek>	they just output flash messages
Dec 16 11:55:23 <Seldaek>	and don't have to know what it was or where it came from
Dec 16 11:55:38 <lsmith>	Seldaek: right .. i was expecting the Message() to use the translation layer to do this when __toString() is called
Dec 16 11:55:57 <Seldaek>	means you need to inject the translation layer though :)
Dec 16 11:56:17 <Seldaek>	so maybe $this->container->get('message') instead of new Message..
Dec 16 11:56:23 <lsmith>	Seldaek: right .. i guess this means that when unserializing the flash messages
Dec 16 11:56:30 <lsmith>	it would need to inject the translation layer
Dec 16 11:56:39 <Seldaek>	ah right they are serialized
Dec 16 11:57:03 <Seldaek>	setFlash() could do the check as well, if it implements ContainerAware..
Dec 16 11:57:40 <lsmith>	you mean that setFlash() would do the translation on the spot
Dec 16 11:57:48 <lsmith>	that doesnt work
Dec 16 11:57:59 <lsmith>	since then the additional information will have no place
Dec 16 11:59:05 <Seldaek>	no
Dec 16 11:59:14 <Seldaek>	I mean setFlash would inject the container as well
Dec 16 11:59:19 <Seldaek>	in case you display them on the same page
Dec 16 11:59:31 <Seldaek>	they are not *always* serialized and unserialized
Dec 16 11:59:35 <Seldaek>	is all I'm saying
Dec 16 12:00:21 <mvrhov>	Seldaek, how many cases did you have when you needed to display flash message rightaway?
Dec 16 12:00:34 <Seldaek>	or are they really just available on the next request? never used them much in Sf2.. just talking with assumptions about my own implementation from our okapi2 project
Dec 16 12:00:43 <mvrhov>	because I've really had just a few
Dec 16 12:01:02 <Seldaek>	mvrhov: well, it's a non-issue anywayt o inject the container in setFlash, let's not focus on this detail :)
Dec 16 12:01:03 *	rafix (~rafix@ has joined #symfony-dev
Dec 16 12:01:28 <johanness>	maybe we should introduce a messaging service on top of setFlash, getFlash
Dec 16 12:02:00 *	anatoo has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Dec 16 12:02:01 <henrikbjorn>	but when is it a problem?
Dec 16 12:02:05 <lsmith>	sorry .. work
Dec 16 12:02:18 <henrikbjorn>	in 99% of cases you would have notice, success, error keys with a static message associated
Dec 16 12:02:37 <henrikbjorn>	that you can translate when outputting the flash message itself
Dec 16 12:03:24 <Seldaek>	that's "ok", but not fully flexible
Dec 16 12:03:35 <Seldaek>	so I don't see a reason to lock ourselves into this way of doing things
Dec 16 12:03:53 <johanness>	putting too much logic inside getFlash/setFlash just seems bad
Dec 16 12:03:59 <henrikbjorn>	there is also no reason to add it if nobody have a specific use case yet
Dec 16 12:04:19 <henrikbjorn>	else you can get the translate in you controller and use its trans method before setting the flash
Dec 16 12:04:28 *	anatoo ( has joined #symfony-dev
Dec 16 12:04:39 <Seldaek>	well, lsmith can may be enlighten you there, it's mostly his war about flash messages, I don't use them that much
Dec 16 12:05:33 <mvrhov>	afair the messages that go into flash are not messages per se but keys + params to fetch them from elsewhere
Dec 16 12:05:35 <henrikbjorn>	i think the problem is that DUB are using them wrong
Dec 16 12:06:01 <lsmith>	re
Dec 16 12:06:28 <lsmith>	well its just that right now the messages are key+value only
Dec 16 12:06:39 <lsmith>	which means you dont know if its an error or notice etc
Dec 16 12:06:46 <lsmith>	unless you encode that into the key or value
Dec 16 12:06:49 <henrikbjorn>	that is what the keys are for
Dec 16 12:06:56 <mvrhov>	I think it would be better to put full message into the flash
Dec 16 12:07:10 <lsmith>	well they would then override
Dec 16 12:07:12 <henrikbjorn>	maybe the key part should be called type
Dec 16 12:07:15 <lsmith>	if you have multiple notices
Dec 16 12:07:18 <mvrhov>	in that case you could put already translated message inthere
Dec 16 12:07:35 <lsmith>	but you need to know the type in the template to decide how to style it
Dec 16 12:07:40 <henrikbjorn>	i dont see how you would require more than one type of each in a single request?
Dec 16 12:07:40 <mvrhov>	setflash would then need only two params
Dec 16 12:07:41 *	dennisj ( has joined #symfony-dev
Dec 16 12:07:47 <mvrhov>	$message, $messageType
Dec 16 12:07:49 <johanness>	lsmith: have you considered implementing a custom service on top of setFlash, getFlash which does what you want?
Dec 16 12:08:00 <henrikbjorn>	mvrhov: it have a $type, $message params now
Dec 16 12:08:11 <lsmith>	henrikbjorn: i think its quite realistic, though not usual, for multple notices to be shown
Dec 16 12:08:26 <henrikbjorn>	i have never seen a site with more than one in a single request :)
Dec 16 12:08:34 <lsmith>	johanness: well the Message class was supposed to be this thing into which i can just add additional data
Dec 16 12:08:56 <Seldaek>	henrikbjorn: I think stackoverflow can spam you with multiple top bars at the beginning if you get multiple achievements in one request :)
Dec 16 12:08:57 <johanness>	if it depends on a translation service then a service seems like a good choice too me
Dec 16 12:09:02 <mvrhov>	henrikbjorn, I do have a such implementation right now, well the project is still in ZF but..
Dec 16 12:09:05 <lsmith>	anyway .. time is up .. and i actually have to run
Dec 16 12:09:12 <johanness>	this service could have the session as a dependency and then do its magic
Dec 16 12:09:15 <lsmith>	laters