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    55== Custom loader resources notation == 
     6Fabien explained the choices and made it clear that the final solution needs to maintain extensibility and use the same structure for all formats. In the end it was agreed that Jeremy will implement a solution where a new optional "loader" (defaults to "file") attribute is introduced to determine the loader to use. 
    78== View layer == 
     9This was a fairly lengthy discussion. Mainly Henrik was questioning the relevance of this additional layer, since everything could just as well be written into the controller. Thomas replied "the view layer is great if you want to output json, amf, xml or html with the same action". Jordi added that this would be possible without "format-specific logic" in the controller. Also while one can generate json via twig, it will not be possible to generate PDF or AMF via the template layer in a sensible manner. Finally it was noted that the view layer is optional and can by passed. Bulat said that he really appreciates the new method to redirect to a route instead of only an url. Jordi raised the question if the "twig magic" of choosing a file based on the _format when no format is specified explicitly in the template logic name is still needed in light of the view layer. The discussion will continue on the topic. Fabien also needs more time to review the layer in detail. 
    911== ZF2 dependency == 
     12Matthew from the Zend Framework team has send a proposal for how to be able to just fetch the Zend\Log dependency via git and he is committed to making a rock solid solution. In light of this it was decided to hold of from trying to also work on a solution. However the question was also raised if it even makes sense to depend on Zend\Log at all. But again it was decided to wait. 
    1114== Swiftmailer initialization  == 
     15The discussion revolved about addressing two issues: 1) preventing issues where Swift_Message would not be available until the mailer service is instantiated. There is already a pull request ready for this. 2) that at instantiation of the swift mailer is initialized which is very expensive, which in turn is not ideal when a controller gets the mailer injected explicitly in cases where the mailer is optional for the controller. Bulat suggested a rewrite of swift mailer on top of the Symfony2 DIC, however as nobody stepped up to take this on it was decided to rather use a proxy wrapper to delay initialization as long as possible. In general Fabien stated that its the intention to have all core services be lazy loading as much as possible. 
    1317== Chunked responses and ESI == 
     18Here Lukas just briefly informed everyone that its too early to get into details here as any solution should follow what Varnish is doing. However they currently do not support chunked (streaming) in combination with ESI. Varnish 3.0 planned for January 2011 will lay the ground work and streaming is expected to follow in 3.1. 
    1520= IRC logs =