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     1= Summary = 
     3== IRC meeting process == 
     4We agreed that the doodle URL to vote on the agenda priorities will not be published until after the proposal phase has closed 24 hours before the meeting. Furthermore it was decided to add a section to the official manual with some instructions on the meetings. Lukas volunteered to take care of that. 
     6== Handling different output formats == 
     7The general consensus was to not add "context" support to the DIC and instead look towards finding best practices that Bundle authors can follow to ensure that their controllers are flexible enough to handle different output formats. Jordi offered to write a proof of concept until next week to "a view-class best practice integrated at the framework level so the best practice is easier to implement and follow". One major concern by Fabien was to not complicate things for beginners. 
     9Furthermore it was stated that there is a need to expand the documentation on how to define and use custom view's (volunteers needed Finally there is a need to define additional view's to handle JSON/XML/etc response types to be added to core (volunteers needed, 
     11== Security Component == 
     12It was decided to "move listeners with parameters to non-shared services" (volunteers needed Also "adding a way to add listeners in between of existing ones" was considered to be a useful feature (volunteers needed Finally it was proposed to "start getting together a list of events and default listeners on it", for which it was suggested to check Spring (volunteers needed 
     14== Default config format == 
     15The general consensus was that having a mix of different formats wasn't necessarily bad and that XML is easier to read for DIC configs, but that YAML should be the recommended for app level configuration. It was also agreed that there should still be made some effort towards enabling authors to easily validate Extension configurations (volunteers needed Jordi offered to convert a complex DIC config in order to illustrate if in fact complex DIC configurations are really harder to read in YAML. Finally it was said that it would make sense to invest in conversion tools to make it easier for people to migrate provided configurations to another format (volunteers needed 
     17= IRC logs = 
    219Nov 11 11:00:10 <lsmith>        ok lets start ..