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Howto Setup Vim with Symfony - Project Symvimny



untar to your home directory.

copy ~/symvimny/vimrc.sample to your ~/.vimrc or use the sameple configs contents to modify your existing .vimrc


This is tried and tested with Vim7. Vim7 includes far better PHP auto indenting (

Any questions, email pookey at pookey co uk or message me on IRC.

there are curently code templates for validate/something.yml and config/schema.xml. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

typing '=symv' (short for symfony validator) will automatically insert...

class myUnnamedValidator extends sfValidator
  public function execute (&$value, &$error)
    if ($value)
      $error = $this->getParameter('my_error');
      return false;
    return true;

  public function initialize ($context, $parameters = null)
    parent::initialize($context, $parameters);
    $this->getParameterHolder()->set('my_error', 'Invalid');
    return true;

yaml syntax

As of vim 7.2 syntax highlighting of empty strings is broken. A workaround in .vimrc is:

:autocmd Syntax yaml syn match   yamlConstant        '\'\''