HowToOptimizeSymfonyForHelloWorldBenchmark (history)

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Change History of HowToOptimizeSymfonyForHelloWorldBenchmark

Version Date Author Comment
6 09/03/07 18:56:48 Benjamin.Meynell tiny typo
5 09/03/07 15:38:31 pmjones added "rendering" and "execution" filters, in response to Symfony rasing errors when they are not present
4 09/03/07 15:27:52 pmjones no need for tags in the view, just "hello world!" will do
3 09/03/07 15:26:56 pmjones corrected location for "myUser.class.php"
2 09/03/07 08:19:51 dwhittle
1 09/03/07 07:32:18 dwhittle Added wiki about how to optimize for hello world app and disable all but core features.