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Version 2 (modified by spascoe, 12 years ago)

Guidelines for documentation contributors

Here are a few guidelines for the people interested in contributing to the documentation.


The documentation evolves constantly. Before committing your modifications, always update to the latest version by calling:

svn update your local documentation checkout directory.


The documentation files are written using the Markdown format. This makes them easy to read as text files, and easy to display them in a browser through simple markdown-to-html converters.

This means that when you modify a file of the documentation, you should always check if the Markdown syntax is correct by testing your page in a Markdown Dingus.


Notice that the documentation never uses we, but prefers referring to the reader rather than the author. Please follow this guideline when writing new paragraphs.

All the code chunks, file names, references to objects or other code-related words always have to be declared as code (i.e. enclosed in ticks in the markdown file)