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Google Summer of Code 2008

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Mentoring Organization



  • Fabien Potencier
  • Dustin Whittle

Project Ideas

  • Add support for easy database sharding and other high-scalability features
  • An installer script that lets you pick your orm, setup database, create and configure apps, and select the plugins needed for your project and install symfony locally
  • Build system (aggregate/minify css/js) with Capistrano like deployment
  • Finishing and enhancing
  • Finishing and enhancing the new benchmarking mechanism
  • Improving sfDoctrine (Doctrine integration with Symfony)
  • Creating a Sphinx full-text query search engine plugin
  • Building a GUI for creation and management/remote-management of Symfony projects (web-based or otherwise)
  • Creating light-weight ORM transparency layer for plugins to have DRY plugins
  • Creating a compact dependency injector to replace the abstract factory
  • Adding more automation/generation tools, ie for sfForm
  • Improve the generated admin - for instance, in page related records editing
  • Built in support for database migrations and improved data dumping and loading.

Interested Students

Name / School / Project you would like to work on

Kiril Angov (kupokomapa) / Concord University / For now "Build system (aggregate/minify css/js) with Capistrano like deployment" but if Symfony gets accepted (I really hope so) I will take some serious time to figure out the best project.

Colin Williams / Stevens Institute of Technology / Currently I'm interested in finishing symfony forge, but like Kiril, I'd feel more comfortable with that decision with the final list of ideas and more research.

Jagtesh Chadha / Visvesvaraya Technological University, India / Improving sfDoctrine (Doctrine integration with Symfony), or creating a Sphinx full-text query search engine plugin for Symfony, or building a GUI for creation and management/remote-management of Symfony projects (web-based or otherwise). (I really hope Symfony is selected this time!)

Carl Vondrick / ??? / ORM transparency layer, dependency injector, sfSearch + search components

Rui Silva and Filipe Costa/ University of Minho, Portugal / automation/generation tools, dependency injector

David Regla / National University of Mexico / Installer and app configuration script with deployment templates

Konstantin Mikhaylov / Far Eastern State Transportation University, Russia / work on, installer script (i really need such feature :-)), support for Sphinx in Symfony,

Ben Cole / University of Bath, England / installer scripts,, more automation tools

Tiago Ribeiro and Nuno Correia / University of Minho, Portugal / Implementation of sfPlayground

Bogdan Nicolau / Politehnica University, Bucharest, Romania / support for easy database sharding and/or other high-scalability features