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Version 4 (modified by dwhittle, 11 years ago)
updated list of features + suggestions

sfDojo Plugin

sfDojo is a plugin that targets the dojo toolkit integration on Symfony. This integration must be in a way that refactoring an existing project will be a low cost operation. The benefits of dojo are pretty obvious concerning the UI and interaction. Since Symfony lacks on strong Widgets, this plugin can be the way to achieve fast development of nice and professional UI.

Planned Features:

  • Dojo implementation of current ajax, visuals effects, drag and drop, and server side validation helpers
    • Integrate dojo event system for correct timing/ordering of events
  • Add ajax navigation support: forward button, back button, and bookmark support for single page interactions
  • Add layout controls for: containers, windows, tabs, dialogs, modals, buttons
  • Add navigation controls for: menus, tree menus, wizards
  • Add form controls for: date/time/color picker, inline editing
    • Integrate dojo client side validation using current validate.yml settings
  • Add misc widgets
    • google/yahoo maps
    • sortable tables
    • svg chart generation

Feel Free to Add Suggestions Here:

  • Easy Installation via PEAR
  • Automatic javascript code generation
    • autoloading of only needed modules
  • Automatic overriding of css rules
    • like appTabPane or moduleTabPane