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    2121 * hard to export to SQL scripts (best way to transport is to zip the db folder and extract it to another name) 
    2222 * hard to put testing data into fixtures 
     23 * when using the sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin along with the Generator, the plugin alters the auto-generated class files to the extent that it prevents this method from functioning as described. Please see the section just prior to the conclusion for a workaround. 
    2425== Disclaimers == 
    386387It isn't great that we need to modify our httpd.ini file every time we want to put a dot (.) in the query string in IIS, but this is the best I've come up with that can still hide the front controller. Any other ideas are MORE than welcome. 
     391== Working with sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin == 
     393Because the sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin significantly changes how the Generator creates the class files in the cache, the method above does not function. The files end up being saved to the file system before there is a chance to intervene. As such, the files must be read out from the file system and then deleted from the file system (to avoid cruft). 
     395When working with sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin, it creates a function called executePost. This is where you want to work with your files. Copy this function out of the cache class file, and paste it into your permanent class file. The raw function should look something like this: 
     398  public function handlePost()  { 
     399    $this->updatesfGuardUserCompanyFromRequest(); 
     400    $this->savesfGuardUserCompany($this->sf_guard_user_company); 
     401    $this->setFlash('notice', 'Your modifications have been saved'); 
     402    if ($this->getRequestParameter('save_and_add')){return $this->redirect('sfGuardUserCompany/create');} 
     403    else if ($this->getRequestParameter('save_and_list')){return $this->redirect('sfGuardUserCompany/list');} 
     404    else{return $this->redirect('sfGuardUserCompany/edit?id='.$this->sf_guard_user_company->getId());} 
     405  } 
     408At this point, once the second line ($this->update[module]FromRequest();) has been executed, the files have been saved to the file system, given random strings as names, and the new filenames are then stored in the entry which is supposed to hold your file data, but isn’t. Create another function, like the one below: 
     411  public function catchImage($image){ 
     412    if($image){ 
     413      $filename=sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/'.$image; 
     414      $data=fread(fopen($filename, "r"), filesize($filename)); 
     415      unlink($filename); 
     416      return $data; 
     417    } 
     418  } 
     421The whole point here is that we want to read out the filename stored in the entry, grab the image from the filesystem, read it out, and then return it to the entry; overwriting the filename with the file data. As a bonus, we delete (unlink) the file, so that it doesn’t clutter up the file system. 
     423Then, in the handlePost function, we add a new line that will call this function: 
     426    $this->sf_guard_user_company->setLogo($this->catchImage($this->sf_guard_user_company->getLogo())); 
     429As you can see when reading that line from right to left, the new filename of the image now saved to the filesystem is obtained, passed on to the catchImage function, and the catchImage function returns the image data back to the entry where it is set and overwrites the filename. Past this point, symfony handles the image data in the same way it would have handled the filename. 
     431The completed functions should appear something like this: 
     434  public function handlePost(){ 
     435    $this->updatesfGuardUserCompanyFromRequest(); 
     437    $this->sf_guard_user_company->setLogo($this->catchImage($this->sf_guard_user_company->getLogo())); 
     439    $this->savesfGuardUserCompany($this->sf_guard_user_company); 
     440    $this->setFlash('notice', 'Your modifications have been saved'); 
     441    if ($this->getRequestParameter('save_and_add')){return $this->redirect('sfGuardUserCompany/create');} 
     442    else if ($this->getRequestParameter('save_and_list')){return $this->redirect('sfGuardUserCompany/list');} 
     443    else{return $this->redirect('sfGuardUserCompany/edit?id='.$this->sf_guard_user_company->getId());} 
     444  } 
     445  public function catchImage($image){ 
     446    if($image){ 
     447      $filename=sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir').'/'.$image; 
     448      $data=fread(fopen($filename, "r"), filesize($filename)); 
     449      unlink($filename); 
     450      return $data; 
     451    } 
     452  } 
    388455== Conclusion ==