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    2121||[ sfDoctrineSimpleCMSPlugin]||1.2||?||?||?||?||?||?|| 
    2222||[ sfSympalPlugin]||1.2||1.0||beta||Y||Y||Y||Y|| 
    23 ||[ pkContextCMSPlugin]||1.2||0.1||beta||Y||Y||Y||Y|| 
     23||[ pkContextCMSPlugin]||1.2||0.9.1||beta||Y||Y||Y||Y|| 
    2525== Specific Details == 
    2828=== pkContextCMSPlugin === 
    2929pkContextCMSPlugin implements new content slot types as Symfony modules, leveraging existing development skills effectively. Also, pkContextCMSPlugin offers "areas," multiple-slot columns in which editors can create a series of slots of different types without editing the template. pkContextCMSPlugin emphasizes inline editing to a greater degree than sfSimpleCMSPlugin, replacing the "floating palette" we so often wound up disabling with controls that are more closely connected to the normal navigation of the site. The use of Doctrine's column aggregation inheritance offers a new way to efficiently store custom data associated with any particular slot. (Of course, one can also serialize data into the 'value' column as sfSimpleCMS developers did, and we've found that this is still an approach with many advantages.) pkContextCMSPlugin has extensive support for assigning editing privileges to particular users for particular subtrees of the site in a way that is easy for nontechnical admins to understand. 
     31pkContextCMSPlugin also supports "engines," an easy way to turn a Symfony module into a component that can be moved around the site via the normal editing controls of the CMS. 
     33pkContextCMSPlugin offers the following slots "out of the box" when installed with our media plugin and the media CMS slots plugin that bridges them: 
     36Rich text 
     37Still image 
     38Button (image with a user-editable link URL) 
     39Slideshow (manual or automatic) 
     40PDF (with preview image of first page)