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Bug submission guidelines

  • Reporting a bug should be by creating a new ticket so developers can review it faster and track the bug reports easily.
  • When creating a new ticket, summary field should explain the issue briefly and full description should have a detailed explanation for the bug encountered.
  • It's always better to give some use cases so others can easily reproduce the problem.
  • If a patch is being proposed it should be better if it's diffed against the latest revision of Symfony and attached to the ticket.
  • If a patch is being proposed, summary should begin with the word [PATCH].
  • Milestone field should be left blank (untouched) because it's the developers who will schedule a fix for a milestone.
  • Tickets should be of type:
    • defect: Bugs in the source code.
    • documentation: Mistakes or typos found in the documentation.
    • enhancement: Enhancement requests.