#6958 (Jobeet functional test jobActions 1.4 error)

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Ticket #6958 (new documentation)

Opened 7 years ago

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Jobeet functional test jobActions 1.4 error

Reported by: Beo Assigned to: fabien
Priority: minor Milestone:
Component: jobeet Version: 1.2.8
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Qualification: Ready for core team


The 1.4 test on jobActions requires the getMostRecentProgrammingJob() from the $browser, and then it checks the 'company-slug' to be 'sensio-lab'. But, since new jobs are created with the fixtures, the most recent programming job is one with the 'company-###' slug.


020_jobs.yml-6958.patch (0.6 kB) - added by ringhio on 08/05/09 09:44:19.
Fixtures patch for Propel
jobs.yml-6958.patch (0.7 kB) - added by ringhio on 08/05/09 09:44:40.
Fixtures patch for Doctrine

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taking this up as part of the 1day1ticket initiative

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Fixtures patch for Propel

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Fixtures patch for Doctrine

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Adding a created_at date (as expires_at is added to test expired jobs) is the only way to have first jobs (ones not created in the loop) in the head of the list. Doing this test passes.

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ringhio, thank you for raising this ticket. For clarity, would you please post the URL you are referring to? Thanks!