#5697 (overriding default admin generator theme files)

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Ticket #5697 (new defect)

Opened 8 years ago

Last modified 7 years ago

overriding default admin generator theme files

Reported by: kingpin393 Assigned to: fabien
Priority: minor Milestone:
Component: generator Version: 1.2.0 DEV
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According to the documentation (Chapter 14 in the Definitive Guide) when creating a custom theme you only need to override the files you need changed in your own theme. In actuality you need to copy all the files over. Not sure if this is a documentation error or a symfony bug.

To recreate: in a project that uses the admin generator create a new directory in data/generator/sfPropelModule/mytheme. Then in the generator.yml change the theme to mytheme. There is an error when run. If you copy the entire contents of sfPropelPlugin/data/generator/sfPropelModule/admin to the mytheme directory it works.

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please do not set milestones

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Replying to FabianLange:

please do not set milestones

Ok, my apologies.

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Do you try use Doctrine? It happens anyway?