#4116 ([PATCH] Bug in identify command for sfImageMagickAdapter class)

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Ticket #4116 (new defect)

Opened 8 years ago

[PATCH] Bug in identify command for sfImageMagickAdapter class

Reported by: djjuhasz Assigned to: fabien
Priority: minor Milestone:
Component: sfThumbnailPlugin Version: 1.0.17
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Qualification: Unreviewed


The sfImageMagickAdapater::loadFile() method is ignoring the “extract=>x” parameter and running the identify command for all pages of a multi-page PDF (i.e. "identify foo.pdf" instead of "identify foo.pdf[0]"). In many cases all of the pages of a PDF will return similar results (i.e. width and height are often consistent in multi-page pdfs), but in some cases this could return incorrect data. In addition, adding the page specifier to the identify command has corrected errors in the "identify" return value for several PDFs that failed for me when not using the specifier.

I've attached a patch file that addresses this bug.


sfImageMagickAdapter.patch (1.6 kB) - added by djjuhasz on 08/01/08 21:06:49.
Patch file for Ticket #4116

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Patch file for Ticket #4116