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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
1894[sfSslRequirementplugin] Action specific https settings do not work.reopenedJonathan.Wagedefectmajorplugins
3885[PATCH] missing strtolower for actionname in sfSslRequirementPluginnewfabiendefectmajorplugins
5010sfSslRequirementPlugin 1.2.1stable for sf 1.0 Readme bugnewfabiendefectmajor
1798sfSslRequirementActionMixin.class.php must convert to lowercase the action namenewfabiendefectminorplugins
2758Support for non-standard ports (secure and non-secure)newfabienenhancementminor--
5076PATCH: Action names should be looked up in lower case in security.ymlnewfabiendefectminorplugins
8511exit() making tests impossiblenewfabiendefectminor
8678404 page should not redirect to HTTP when viewing HTTPSnewfabiendefectminorplugins
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