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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
2858l10n slug supportnewbrendan.burgatenhancementmajor--
3196[PATCH] sfSimpleCMSPlugin : sfSimpleCMSSlotImage does not unset params "legend" and "url"newKris.Wallsmithdefectmajor--
3384sfSimpleCMSPage setSlot dosent work as is expectednewKris.Wallsmithdefectmajor
4533User submission lost when setting a previously absent slot for the first timenewKris.Wallsmithdefectmajorplugins
2188Add content to a slot - useful for 'embed' componentnewcristianbaciuenhancementminor
2507sfSimpleCMSPlugin's toolbox is not i18nlizednewdefectminor--
3087Problem inserting flash-swf movie with tinyMCE v.2.1.2 as Rich text slot editornewdefectminorplugins
3158[PATCH] sfSimpleCMS - addPage dash error (Make page path consistent)newKris.Wallsmithdefectminorplugins
3199[PATCH] sfSimpleCMSPlugin : sfSimpleCMSSlotText generates invalid XHTMLnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor--
3243[PATCH] sfSimpleCMSPlugin -> mainNavigation does not pass a default culture in urinewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor--
3298Support for multiple treesnewKris.Wallsmithenhancementminor
3312sfSimpleCMSPlugin > Edit link in place of Edit linknewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
3481[PATCH] slot name 'content' or 'type' may bug the in place editornewKris.Wallsmithdefectminorplugins
3538[PATCH] sfSimpleCMSAdmin : "After" and "Under" radiobutton labels cannot be translatednewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
3575[PATCH] sfSimpleCMS js error when showing File or Image browser in tinymcenewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
3616sfSimpleCMSPagePeer getAllPagesWithLevel can raise errornewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
3672errors are raised when changing standard edit mode to RichTextnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4135[PATCH] Multiple RichText Slots all open on edit on new pagesnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4181Multiple RichText slots on one page produce JS errornewKris.Wallsmithdefectminorplugins
4538sfSimpleBlog and Layout ProblemnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4939[Patch] create new rich slotnewfrancoisdefectminor
5173branches for symfony-1.1 and symfony-1.2newfrancoisenhancementminor
5501Short open tags causes syntax errors on some php installations.newfrancoisdefectminor
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