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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
6233Fix for error: `Unable to find a matching route to generate url for params "NULL".` in comment admin pagenewfrancoisdefectmajor
2549[PATCH][1.0][1.1] sfSimpleBlog - stripped titlenewdefectminor--
2920[PATCH] Add Archives Widget and Viewnewenhancementminor--
3691[PATCH] [sfSimpleBlogPlugin] tagList doesn't honor the post.is_published flag, taglist is unsortednewKris.Wallsmithenhancementminorplugins
3886Problem when valiting a comment with date & stripped title enablednewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4242multipage link for showByTagSucces.php brokennewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4341[sfSimpleBlogPlugin] [PATCH] sfSimpleBlogPlugin pagination doesn't work if there is more than 2 pagesnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminorplugins
4343[sfSimpleBlogPlugin] Invalid formattingnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminorplugins
4372Possible dbFinder bugnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4536sfSimpleBlog and rawSet()newKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4539sfSimpleBlog and Flash attributesnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
4540sfSimpleBlog and Form generationnewKris.Wallsmithdefectminor
5172postsFeed fails in productionnewfrancoisdefectminor
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