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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
3417Retrieving an old object version doesn't always work for related resourcesnewtrivoallandefectmajor
6118sfPropelVersionableBehaviorPlugin : composite keys are not supportednewtrivoallandefectmajor
6456Saving a versionable Object in a task produces "not registered" errornewtrivoallandefectmajor
1605sfPropelVersionableBehaviorPlugin : adding purgeHistory to versioned objects methodsnewtrivoallanenhancementminorplugins
2914Document how to integrate with sf_guard_usernewtrivoallandocumentationminor--
3148sfPropelVersionableBehaviorPlugin: Problems when PK is varcharnewtrivoallandefectminor--
3460sfPropelVersionableBehaviorPlugin should cache fetched versionsnewtrivoallanenhancementminor
4029Typos on pagenewtrivoallandefectminor
4425i18n support patchnewtrivoallandocumentationminor
9074sfPropelVersionableBehaviorPlugin: versioning conditions in preSave and postSave do not always matchnewtrivoallandefectminor
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